174: A Different Way to Start & Create Your Next Year

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In these intense times, where we are each being called to step forward… make changes, navigate uncertainty, do things differently… respond to the now, while re-imagining our future… it can all feel so overwhelming. 

We need different ways to start our year, and vision, plan and create the year to come.

There are big misunderstandings in our culture about visioning, goal setting & achieving that stem from a “go, go , go, work hard, stay busy” mindset that many of us have been trained to operate from…. which honestly set us up for more pressure, overwhelm and self-criticism vs. true, sustainable success.

In this Feminine Power Time – #174: A Different Way to Start & Create Your Next Your we’ll explore how to think about and go about the first 6 weeks of the year…setting your focus professionally and personally… and then working in “co-creation” all year.

Giving ourselves the space to rise up into the new year, and be intentional and tap into our intuitive intelligence to gain wisdom  is how we stay focused on what matters, centered in ourselves, so you we stay fluid, meet what comes and expand into the possibility.

When you shift your relationship to how to start your year, you begin the year feeling healthy time pressure AND spaciousness, which sets up your year to feel the same. 

We’ll explore a different way to:

  • Think about Jan 1st as not the only new year and other natural starts of the year.
  • Set resolutions and goals that create spacious success vs. stress and self judgement.
  • Set a time span in January that gives you space to contemplate & consider where to focus this next year so you create a reality that sustains and supports you vs. just more to do or more of what you’ve always done.
  • Think about ‘planning’ your year, in way that works for the times we live in.
  • Timeless wisdom and new language and metaphors for how to achieve, manifest, focus and set intentions and work them into reality

I will share three Feminine Wisdom Principles for Visioning and Intention Setting, including #1 and #3 and #8 – you will love these!

#1: Work with the natural cycles and mimic mother nature, not man-made constructs of time.

#3: Wise ones don’t set goals or resolutions, or say “I want.” Empowered beings desire and intend.

#8: Seek wisdom not answers. Seek a path not a plan.

I love sharing this deep and practical wisdom every year at this time as a different way to vision, succeed and reach out goals.

This year more than ever is the time to embrace doing things differently … as a practice and a path.

Tune in.

See you there, and for more check out below.






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