173: Achievers Amnesia: 3 Proof Points You’ve Done More Than You Think

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Achievers Amnesia. 3 proof points you are doing more than you think. 

Most of us feel like we are not doing enough – in our day to day, towards our goals, for others in need or for the planet. The culprit? Achievers Amnesia.

It’s more likely we feel like we are always behind, like there is never enough time, and like we will never have the space to get to what matters most.

Why? Because we suffer from “Achievers Amnesia.” We forget, can’t see, and don’t feel what we have completed, done for others, or brought more into form or how we have made an impact in our relationships, teams, organizations and world.

Think about it this way…

Over the course of a year, you give so much to so many people and projects and do much to manage your daily demands while also working towards your dreams. And you forget how much you actually accomplish.

It’s way easier to see what you have not done vs. seeing all you have. So you keep driving, striving, working, until you drop from exhaustion or melt down because of overwhelm. Or you just keep persevering and pushing forward.

Achievers amnesia is a mental disease that drives us into burnout, overwhelm and anxiety. It robs you of receiving the success and happiness you work so hard for.

Here’s the remedy to Achievers Amnesia:

  1. Your body and being need to FEEL what you have achieved and the impact you have made – or else your brain won’t register it.
  2. You slow down to let your heart and belly RECEIVE and SAVOR the achievements, accomplishments and ways that you have made an impact in the world through the people’s lives and hearts you have touched.
  3. Every year near the Solstice – the darkest day of the year- I host a live Year End Reflection Ritual. This year it will be on December 19th. You can come live or get the recording later – RSVP at www.ReflectionRitual.com

Today, in this Feminine Power Time podcast 173:Achievers Amnesia: 3 Proof Points You’ve Done More Than You Think, we’ll get the juices flowing, in ways that open your body and being up to see and feel just how much your presence and effort has made a difference in your dreams and goals AND with the people and life on this planet.

We’ll shine a light on 3 proof points and I’ll take you through an embodied meditation so you can feel the impact + give yourself some space to replenish and rest.

Tune in.

Take the love and wisdom in.

Then join us for the Year End Reflection Ritual and then for the Emerge Visioning.

With great heart,




Ep 173: Achievers Amnesia: 3 Proof Points You Are Doing More Than You Tbink
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