Ep82: What’s This Year Really About for You? Set the Focus, Field and Feeling, Wisely – A Feminine Wisdom Practice

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Feminine Wisdom Practice:
What is this Year REALLY About for You?
Set the Focus, Feeling and Field, Wisely
Feminine Power Time Episode #82

One of my favorite and most powerful feminine wisdom practices is asking powerful inquiries at the start to the year that give me clarity about how to focus in the year to come.

Inquiries are powerful portals to get beyond the limitations of your mind which can only create what it’s known before.

With the right inquiry you can open up your imagination and your connection to the Universal mind.

Your brain is not your power center. Nor is your intellect. The intellect is powerful, but can be destructive and dillusional. And create all kinds of bad choices and ideas for you.

The higher mind – what yogis call it – or infinite intelligence or the imagination – what scientests and artists call it –  is so much more tuned in.

It can show you ways of doing things that are different than you experienced before,

In the mainstream world, we are taught to value and trust the intellect over the intuition.

We are taught to seek answers and to find facts. But this can only create more of the same we’ve known – in our own lives and in the world.

All great wisdom teachers have known the power of inquiry.  All wise women employ the feminine wisdom practice of making inquiries to their inner wisdom.

The power is not in trying to find answers. Your power expands when you seek wisdom.


Which is why over the past month I’ve been sharing with you a series of inquiries through the EMERGE 2019 series… to help you get focused and clear on how to best focus for the year to come. If you missed those episodes of Feminine Power Time, tune in!

Today, is the final inquiry I have for you … one that can expand what is possible for you… and keep you focused on what matters.

** What is this year really about for you? **

Feminine Power Time with Christine Arylo


Join me, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor, for this Feminine Power Time: 
Episode 82: ‘What Is This Year Really About for You? Setting the focus, field and feeling for the year to come.

Wise women and men proactively ‘set the field’ for the year to come, they don’t just approach their year like a windsock who gets blown around.
Nor do we only rely on our intellect and facts.

Because we know our intuition and the imagination has super power!

So tune in as we explore together:

* What is the soul stretch or catalyst calling for your focus?

* How focusing on the stretch or catalyst can excel your path and what you desire to create.

* What are your 3 Harmonizers this year – the 3 words that reflect what you want to feel?

* How to use FEELING to guide your choices and projects this year so what you focus on gives you what you desire.

* In your work what is it time to grow? What is it time to seed?

* How to think about your work differently – in the feminine way that allows you to effort less and receive more.

I included lots of stories here about how real women including me!  Yes, I use these feminine wisdom inquiries myself.

And also I’ll slow it down like we always do at Feminine Power Time so you can check in with your inner wisdom about what is true for you.



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2019 will be full of change, transformation and uncertainty.
Wise women prepare themselves with the practices, wisdom and support they need to walk through the storm with grace.

Try the Feminine Wisdom Practice of making this inquiry and see what you receive.


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