Ep 79: Awaken ~ Wake Up to What the Universe is Trying to Show You about You!, Part 2 of 4

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Feminine Power Time Ep 79:
Awaken ~ Wake Up to What the Universe is
Trying to Show You about You! : Part 2 of 4

As we embark on the journey into a new year poised to be full of more intensity, change and stepping into the unknown, it’s oh so essential to make sure that your Wisdom Channels are as clear as possible. 

The challenge is that you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. The Universe is trying to get your attention, trying to show you things you can’t see or understand yet, or maybe you don’t want to see (because then you would have to do something about it!)

You can waste a lot of time and life force walking around in the dark, trying to figure things out, holding onto the same patterns because your CONSCIOUSNESS has not awoken to the next level of awareness and insight, yet.

Which is why I created this 4 part series of Feminine Power Time for you called EMERGE – to support you to emerge into the new year with more access to self-awareness and to a higher level of wisdom as to how you work, the world works and how you can best work within it.

You can’t change what you can’t see…
and once you see it, you must do something with it.

Don’t fear this… embrace it. So much more power and wisdom await you if your willing to open your eyes to new realities and possibilities. 

This 2nd in the EMERGE series is called: AWAKEN: Wake Up to What the Universe is Trying to Show You about You!  I invited a guest to join us for a deep, real and enlightening conversation to give yourself space to AWAKEN… to adjust to the light, to stretch your body, to wake up gently but purposely into the new year. To consider what wisdom and guidance the Universe is knocking on your door trying to show you.

Awakening is not something you do one time in your life. If you are wise, it’s something you do again and again.

  • What does it mean to awaken? And why you want to know how to consciously do it.
  • Why awakening is not something you do just once and how it affects all your choices from career to love to money and more… wise women treat awakening like a continuous process you seek out. And understand that even the most ‘spiritually evolved’ still resist awakening!
  • The process for how we become hip to things in our work or relationship or the way the world works that once seemed normal but when our higher consciousness kicks in seem crazy and unhealthy – and what do when you have these kinds of AHAs??
  • What do you do when start to see things that others around you at work and home don’t see – and you don’t want people to think you are crazy!
  • How do you determine when and if’s its time to leave a job or a relationship that you’ve outgrown – and how to do it wisely?
  • What are the signs that you are avoiding awakening to a deeper truth or a soul call?
  • What do you do when ‘weird’ stuff starts to happen that you can’t explain with your brain – but you know in your heart is real.
  • How you can proactively ‘wake up’ to higher levels of insight and therefore working and living and relating – so you don’t get a Universal 2×4 Wake Up Call at Your Door One Day.
  • What your awakening has to do with everything you see in the world that you don’t like or want to be different.

We will make this personal and real to you as we always do at Feminine Power Time.

Bring whatever catalyst, change, calling is calling you to wake up and elevate your understanding and insight and wisdom.

We are all being called to awaken to more truth and to what is really happening around us and within us.

We are being called to make wise changes not brash moves. And we are being called to be bold in our stand for making changes that are often challenging. Wise + bold = need expanded levels of consciousness and understanding. We have to upgrade our operating systems!

I invite you to tune into this episode and this time of the year when LIGHT RETURNS to light up the unconscious or unseen parts of your life, so that  you can EMERGE in 2019 focused on what matters, fully embracing your path and expressing yourself, embodied in your wisdom and power, ready for what’s ahead.

Join me for this series of Feminine Power Time: EMERGE 2019. And be sure to listen to the first episode 78: Resisting Change and Our Callings: Don’t Get Stuck.

Feminine Power Time Ep 79:
Awaken ~ Wake Up to What the Universe is Trying to Show You about You!



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  • Lesley Illingworth

    Inspirational. Thank you so much
    Just what needed today and always as I start to experience my emptynest and start to re invent myself again.

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