Super Power Practice: The Holiday Harmonizer… for staying out of the holiday swirl

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SUPER POWER PRACTICE: The Holiday Harmonizer… for staying out of the holiday swirl

How you complete the year directly impacts how you feel and start the coming year.

So how do you want to FEEL when you wake up in the new year?

So that you can start the new year ready, at a full tank, clear and strong on the inside? 

This is a question I ask every year as the holiday swirl starts so that I make sure I don’t get caught up in the over consuming, over eating, over spending, over scheduling, over shopping…a set up for starting the new year depleted and already feeling behind.

I developed this Feminine Super Power Practice, which I use every year and have taught women around the world, to give us ‘super power’ to make choices over the holidays that support and sustain us vs drain us… so that come the start of the new year we are recharged and ready for what is to come.

I call it the Holiday Harmonizer.

It’s simple yet mighty. I’ll teach you the practice, lead you through it, and then send you off with a simple way to practice it every day until Jan 2nd.

It will help you say no to the invitations and to do’s that don’t really matter. Say no to OVER consuming and connecting. And say YES to those things that really do replenish you.

This is not just some nice self care practice that only benefits us.

The truth is that this has been an intense year and there is more to come.

We are each being called to speak up, stand up and show up to be our full presence and in our full power – but we cannot do that if we are not deeply nourished and full on the inside. We will burn ourselves out caring for what we love. 

These super power practices are the ones I use in my life to show up strong in my work, relationships and life – but strong in the true feminine power way, not in the invicible super woman way that has caused women to sacrifice themselves for their cause, families and communities for too long. We have to be part of the equation.

And so much of how we spend our time, energy and resources in the holiday is not adding to our inner strength and power… it’s depleting it. So let’s make choices that sustain us… and use this Harmonizing practice to do just that.


In this Feminine Power Time, Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor and wisdom teacher, shares:

    • Get clear about how you desire to FEEL come the new year so you can make your choices now in a way that aligns
    • Learn the Holiday Harmonizing Practice – and how it works to keep you clear and strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
    • Gain the super power to say no to things you don’t want to do, and find new ways to connect with those you love without giving yourself away
    • Get a daily practice you can do in less than 3 minutes each morning to connect within, keeping you out of the holiday swirl or other people’s holiday swirl



Christine Arylo Feminine Power Time Podcast


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Here is my Harmonizing Heart Art for 2017-2018 year end and year start


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