Commitment: Using the super power of commitment to focus and fuel what matters most to you

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Commitment: Using the super power of commitment to focus and fuel what matters most to you

“Without commitment, our intentions and our desires will not have the potency needed to come into form. Without commitment our actions get laden with guilt and obligation. With commitment we gain the super power to give to and create what matters most, even when it appears we don’t have the time.” – Christine Arylo 

You can set intentions. You can have desires. But without commitment nothing sticks, projects fizzle out, you dabble instead of thrive, you try to please everyone and do everything.

The Yogi’s go so far as to say that without commitment you will never find happiness. They say the first step to happiness is commitment. But how committed are we really? What are you really committed to? Not from a place of guilt or obligation, but from that deep place within your heart that allows you to stretch time to create the space to do what really matters even in a busy life.

Wisdom tells us” When you choose to consciously commit – to the people, the projects, and the purposes that matter most to you … you gain super power. It’s like time opens the door and says, “Here I can find space for this project/person/purpose that is so rooted in love, but only after you have committed your heart, with courage and compassion to it.”

I’ve been thinking ALOT about commitment lately – “What I am really committed to?” Which is why I am bringing you this wisdom inquiry to chew on to – because I feel like with the world in the state that it’s in, we need to be clear and connected in our hearts to what matters most.

Committing doesn’t just happen and it isn’t just a one time thing. It’s a choice we have to make consciously and often have to re-commit.

At key times during the year, wise women take a power pause to ask the question “What am I committed to?” and then design their lives and make their choices based on those commitments.

And I’ll share that this inquiry is a potent one that will stir things up on the inside and outside – but that’s why we are here, right?

For me, asking this inquiry and really sitting with it again mid year – just like I do at the start the year – has led me to making choices that have really filled my soul even though i ‘didn’t have time’.

  • Having set the intention to cultivate sacred sisterhood this year at a deeper level, this July I drove 9 hours to attend an afternoon birthday party for my dear soul sister at the opposite end of California and turned around the next day and drove 9 hours home. Not out of obligation but out of love – in a way that supported me and allowed me to really be there for her.
  • Asking this inquiry led me to – yikes! – say Yes to opening my heart to a four-legged companion again – today, on the new moon my partner Noah and I will become doggie parents again to a one year old border collie we are naming Sahaji which means peace and ease. After setting my former beloved companion Nanook over the rainbow bridge 5 years ago at the age of 17 1/2, I had to get really clear in my heart that I was committing once again to what it means to say yes to caring for and loving a dog, and to opening my heart to let it love. me.
  • Asking this inquiry has also led me to take a look at August and redesign HOW I structure my days and time so I can bring two important projects into form that mean ALOT to me …. the start of The Path of Self Love Guide Training and Certification Program which starts up again at the end of September and the book proposal for my 4th book which needs to be complete the end of this month. Without commitment, I won’t have the fuel or the focus to bring these into form.

Comittment gives you access to the fuel and the focus you need to bring your intentions and desires into form #femininesuperpower #manifestation

Christine Arylo Feminine Power Time Podcast

Join me, Christine Arylo, host of Feminine Power Time, for a power pause to get clear on what you really desire to be committed to giving your life force and resources to. In this episode you will explore the 4 P’s of commitment and take action to commit to what matters:

  • Shift your relationship to commitment from one of burden, guilt and obligation to one of empowerment and choice
  • PEOPLE – What are you committed to cultivating in your relationships? And what people specifically are you choosing to commit to out of LOVE not obligation.
  • PURPOSE – What mission, job, assignment that is aligned with your divine purpose and desires to offer this world are you committed to? And the difference between just dipping your toe in and really going for it.
  • PROJECTS – What project can you commit to bringing into form or contributing to that will elevate your presence, support you to grow, bring your dreams into form now?
  • PACE – What pace of life are committed to support you – and what choices will you make to make sure you don’t sell yourself and your wellbeing out?
  • Explore how to navigate when commitments compete for your attention and resources – how do you dance with that in a good way?

It’s a personal Feminine Power Time inviting you to focus and fuel your intentions and desires with the power of commitment – a necessary part of the ingredients we often forget or avoid or don’t fully embrace.

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**  I would LOVE to witness what you are committed to – just share your commitments below ….

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