The Intensity Trap: Are You Caught Up in the Swirl?

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Feminine Power Time: The Intensity Trap: Are You Caught Up in the Swirl?

I’m so busy. I have so much to do! Happy to get sick just so I can rest. I have to work this hard all the time. Moving so fast you lose things, forget things, or your body revolts.

Or….Feeling overwhelmed by the craziness of the world. Sucked into the internet, news or social media for more than 15 minutes. Your energy getting sucked up by other people’s or the world’s drama.

These are all signs you have fallen in to the “Intensity Trap:”

Where either the pace you are working and managing life at is not sustainable, but it’s become ‘normal.’

Or where you let your valuable energy and time get derailed by the happenings in this world in ways that don’t empower you or change a thing, but just rile you up to meet the intensity and craziness.

There is no question we live in intense times. No question that ‘busy’ and stretched beyond capacity is what we all feel. But it’s all a trap – created by systems that were designed to exploit human capacity, distract feminine power and burn you out – physically and emotionally. But like many traps, you often don’t know you are in it. Life this way just seems normal. Or you don’t realize you have fallen into the trap until you’ve wasted hours of your precious life force and time.




When you merge with the intensity of the world vs. observing what is occurring and responding from your inner centered core, your lose and waste your power.

And more than ever this world and we need you to use the power you have inside to fuel and create what can and will create a world that honors all as sacred.

Be aware of how you use your life force to stand for what you believe in.

Be deliberate in how you direct that life force so you don’t waste it into the vast void but instead use your energy, time and resources to create what it is you desire to see in this world.


Feminine Power Podcast with Christine Arylo

I know it’s intense out there, and it can be hard to hold your center,
which is why I’m inviting you into this Feminine Power Time:

In this episode of Feminine Power Time “The Intensity Trap”Are, #2 in the Breaking Through The Myth of Balance Series, feminine leadership advisor and transformational wisdom teacher Christine Arylo, illuminates:

  • The signs you are caught in the Intensity Trap – and living your life at an unsustainable pace that you’ve made the new normal. You’ll never feel balanced if you are always so busy.
  • Why even the smartest people get caught in the Intensity Trap and make themselves sick in order to rest and lead those around them to do the same
  • Ancient Wisdom for how our lives are meant to flow if we are in harmony with the natural order vs. setting our rhythm to the man made pace of burnout – like the ocean our lives are meant to have moment of intensity, moments of stillness, and moments of consistent flow. Not always intense and busy.
  • The power of setting the rhythm of your life to a more natural order and harmony – your days, your weeks, your months and your years. If you aren’t consciously setting this for yourself, you are vulnerable to the Intensity Trap.
  • Signs that you are about to get sucked into the world’s or a person’s intensity in a way that doesn’t serve you. And end up wasting your time and life force.
  • Wisdom and super power tools for staying connected and informed in the world without getting overwhelmed by the intensity of it.


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We are living in intense times. And in these intense times, it’s more important than ever, beloved, for us to step out of the mainstream world that we think is reality— it is a reality but not the only one.


If we can look to the natural world for clues about how to get into our own life into natural order, we will ultimately, by default, create more order and harmony and spaciousness, and therefore, create things that are more sustainable in the world.


Take a breath with me and let’s just take this peace in this piece of wisdom. A: Release the word “busy” from your vocabulary, B: Embrace that you, just like the natural world, has needs, natural ebbs and flows to your days, to your weeks, to your months, and to your years. C: Notice your intensity level that you have set your life to and really look at that and what the cost is.


The way we start this, beloved, is you and me saying, “All right, I get this intensity trap. I’m not falling for it.” I’m going to bring the natural ebb and flow and cycles into my own life where I prepare and surrender and plan daily, monthly, weekly, yearly, in a way that you’re ebbing and flowing, and to support yourself to downshift in times of intensity when the intensity is done to give up the word “busy.”


Be in the world, but not of the world. And so what that means is as you go into this world, my invitation to you is to be in your heart and to tune in to, to touch into what’s happening in the world, but don’t fall into it. Don’t let yourself become absorbed into it. This is how you maintain what I call elevated leadership.

An elevated leader has the ability to see what’s going on all around them so they’re connected, they’re in tune, but they also have the ability to have vision and foresight and they’re connected into a higher level wisdom that allows them to guide the masses, to guide their families, to guide their teams, to guide themselves, out of the frenzy, out of the fire, out of the fury, into a new path, into a new possibility.


Why is this important? It’s because beloved, we need you to be clear. We need you to be centered. We need you to be calm. And then, your centeredness, your calmness, you find your confidence and you find your courage. And whatever you’re up to in this world, whatever your sacred work in the world is, and that includes what you’re doing in your career, and for those of you who are parents, you better believe that your sacred work is holding space for those beloveds that you are parenting and stewarding or for any of you who are holding space for other people in this world. This part of your sacred work whether it’s something that you receive money for or not, it doesn’t matter. We’re all here as always part of our sacred work as the space that we hold for others and the projects and programs and work that we put in.

And so, we need you to be as clear and calm and centered as possible. And if you’re being run and you’re falling into the intensity trap, whether that’s not allowing yourself to have the ebb and flows in your days, your weeks, your months, and your years, so that you both have the space to get out there and be intense and create, and also the time to flow back and restore, and the spaciousness to feel what it’s like to just maintain, or you’re jumping into the intensity swimming pool and it’s sucking up your energy and affecting you emotionally until you can’t be in that elevated leadership position in your life, in your work, with your teams, with your family, you get confused.

And so, the invitation, that is, to go out into the world, to be aware of the intensity, be aware of the pace, be aware of the Field, be aware of what you’re plugging into, and make this a practice to instill harmony and to be in the world, but not of the world. And to be in that ebb and flow and to be in the place where you’re seeing and connected to what’s going on, but you’re staying sovereign inside of yourself.

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