Breaking The Myth of Balance: Step Beyond Work Life Balance into The Feminine Super Power of Harmony

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Breaking The Myth of Balance: Stepping Beyond Work Life Balance into The Feminine Super Power of Harmony

There is a reason we find it so hard to “find balance” or ‘create work life balance’ – Balance in the way it’s held in our mainstream culture is not possible, or even what we truly desire. Just look at at those words- Work Life Balance. And consider this.

Balance can’t be found, it’s not lost.

Work Life balance as an equation for success is the wrong equation. It cannot solve the stress, tension and overwhelm we feel.  

Like any construct that only has two parts, it creates what is called a “duality reality.” In duality realities (think our Democrat Republican political system) the two forces are constantly pulling at each other like a tug of war – which is why when it comes to ‘balancing work and life’ we often feel stuck in an internal tug of war. Work is pulling at life. Life is pulling at work. And we are caught in the middle.

Plus, just look at that equation – work / life – as if there are only two parts of us, work and then everything else is supposed to fit under the category of life? No wonder we feel like we don’t have enough time or space… we are trying to stuff everything we care about together in 50% of an equation.

Now here is where Wisdom comes in…

Wisdom Byte: When you keep running after the same faulty equation as a model of success or living, you will keep coming up with the same problems.

In this case, feeling overwhelmed, stretched and burned out. No matter how many green drinks or hours of sleep we get, we can’t break the patterns of burnout and overwhelm because we are trying to work and live within systems (work, education, healthcare) that were not created for human harmony but to maximize what those in power could take from human potential and effort.

I am not here to give you a laundry list of the 10 things you need to do to take care of yourself. You don’t need more information on the what to do.

We need ACCESS to deeper levels of wisdom that can EXPAND us into new possibilities and EMPOWER us to make shift first on the inside, and then from our core Feminine Power and Wisdom lead and shift the systems we live in.

If we truly want to create systems that support all parts of us, and support humanity to operate at it’s highest potential – not just for profit and for power over others but where all people and beings can thrive, then we need to change the equation. And we each have the power to do that by changing the equations we are running in our own lives. It’s time for an upgrade!

Let’s step beyond the work/life balance equation (that has taken us as far as it can) and step into the Feminine Super Power of Harmony.




The Feminine Super Power of Harmony: “The ability to create a rhythm to your life – your days, weeks, months & years – that supports and sustains you and allows you to be graceful, powerful & flexible in how you interact with, lead, and respond to all parts of your life. Your life is like an orchestra. Each part is like a section of your orchestra, you are the conductor, and the Divine is the inspiration, energy & tune that plays through you. ” 

Using the ‘super power’ of Feminine Wisdom to get out of the balance chasing game, I invite you to join me for this special Feminine Power Series “Breaking Through the Myth of Balance” … a series dedicated to exploring and sharing a different way of living and leading your life that actually supports you to create the space and have the energy and time to focus on what matters.


 Seek and create Harmony as the Flow of your life.
Cultivate Balance as a state of your inner core.


Feminine Power Podcast with Christine Arylo

I would love to invite us to explore

In this first episode in the Breaking the Myth of Balance: Beyond Work Life Balance to The Feminine Super Power of Harmony, we’ll dive deep into a heart opening, thought provoking episode and illuminate:

  • Why “Work Life Balance” cannot solve the overwhelm, stress and tension we feel –  & why it’s limited in it’s ability to make the shifts we desire. Just look at the equation Work/Life = Work over Life.
  • What ‘balance’ really is and how to cultivate it and not chase it so you are stronger at meeting the challenges of life
  • A new perspective + power: The Feminine Super Power of Harmony – a new way to approach your life as a dynamic system – vs something to keep balanced/or manage – that when it’s working together, creates a harmony inside you and a flow to your life
  • How to create FLOW between all that you have going on in your life in a way that makes you feel like a powerful conductor  that directs and moves through the flow of work, family, health, wealth, home. Vs. trying to maintain a ‘balanced state’ which is like trying to live on a balance beam.
  • The 8 parts of Harmony  (all need to flow for you to be and feel in the flow) + a meditation to identify where your life is currently in harmony and in disharmony so you can make shift happen.

Tune in

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Here are the 8 petals of the Feminine Super Power of Harmony from the meditation I lead you through in this episode of Feminine Power Time.
From Section One in Overwhelmed and Over It Book.





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