Expand Your Vision for Your Year without Exhausting Yourself

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Feminine Wisdom: Expand Your Vision without Exhausting Yourself – a new equation for how you make your “goals” for the new year

“How you start your year is how you will live your year.”

 You can start your year following conventional wisdom which says things like: make a New Year Resolution (you know will fizzle out by March), figure out your goals now, lose 20lbs so you can fit into a bathing suit, and hit the ground running when you go back to work.

Exhale. Can you feel the pressure and stress that starting your year that way would create?

As an MBA, Type A, I used to be a woman who would make a resolution on January 1st and map out her goals by Jan 10th, put them in a spreadsheet or on a vision board and then drive towards them all year. My husband Noah was the opposite, he avoided setting goals all together. Perhaps he was waiting for the ‘goal making fairy’ to show up and make things happen. Neither strategy worked.

I tried to do too much and created a year in which I felt pressured to push hard and keep it all going, leaving little time for play, rest or what brought me joy. As a result, I created a year that drained me instead of sustained me. Noah avoided the questions of what he really desired, and created a year in which he felt unfulfilled and without direction.

Then I got wise.  I realized that the ‘s.m.a.r.t. goal,’ resolution- making approach I had learned in my corporate training and conventional world upbringing had taken me as far as it could. I realized this Feminine Wisdom:

If we want to create lives in which we thrive instead of just survive and strive, we must change HOW we design our year from the start.

Feminine Wisdom Quote Focus Arylo

So I began exploring ‘wisdom traditions’ like indigenous earth wisdom, divine feminine wisdom and the yogic traditions, and I hit the jackpot!

All of these traditions pointed to consistent pieces of feminine wisdom about how to vision, create and design your new year, which I share with you below, as an invitation to start this year differently.

 Imagine creating a year in which you have what you need to go for your dreams and take care of what you love, without having to sacrifice your personal health and happiness.

I share more about the feminine wisdom in this episode of Feminine Power Time with me, Christine Arylo, and also lead you through a guided journey/meditation using the Feminine Super Power of EXPAND and ILLUMINATE to:

  • Hear your true heart and soul desires for yourself, your work, and your relationships this year – so you don’t end up creating a bunch of work and obligation for yourself that doesn’t make you feel happy, healthy or successful.
  • Get Wisdom about what YOU need to RECEIVE this year to make sure you don’t give all your energy and time and money away, and end up depleted
  • Start your year rooted in LOVE (instead of fear, lack, and obligation – this is not mamby pamby, kum bay yah stuff, this is you setting the field for how you make your choices this coming year – it’s quantum, it’s spiritual and it’s how Wisdom works in the material


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Consider joining me and a circle of courageous women from around the world to mystically and practically apply this feminine wisdom to how you live lead and succeed in 2017 – www.FeminineSuperPowerYear.com – starts now!


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  • Rose Varga

    Fantasric practice¡

  • Rose Varga

    Fantasric practice!

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