A Different Way to Dream, Design and Do Your Year – Feminine Power Salon

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A Different Way to Dream, Design and Do Your Year – Feminine Power Salon

As we head courageously into the new year, I thought we could all use access to some deeper wisdom and different tools to guide the way forward. I’ve translated this ancient wisdom to apply to our modern lives in how you start your year, and make the very important choices about how you will spend and give your life force, time, money, love this year. I love Feminine Power Salons where we gather to share and illuminate deeper wisdom!

There are MANY things you could DO… but what is really in Divine alignment and timing … what does your heart truly desire not your ego or fear.

I will share with you powerfully + personally the sacred technology for visioning, creating and manifesting that goes way beyond the basic 101 level of manifesting, vision boards, goal setting and the law of attraction including:

  • How to make sure your ‘goals’ are aligned with your true heart desires and soul path – with special Heart and Soul Inquiries you can use on the spot
  • How to make sure you are working in Divine Timing and Flow
  • Why we OVER spend our resources and time and energy
  • Why when you are missing “feminine wisdom” you create project, ideas and make choices that are not in your highest good
  • The 4 stages of Co Creation and Manifestation
  • And more!

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This interactive Feminine Power Salon was originally videocast as a Feminine Wisdom Session.

You can watch the session at www.FemininePowerRitual.com  

Feminine Super Power Year Visioning Starts Soon! Vision with us and create your year the feminine way



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