New Year Wisdom: Choose to Focus Your Life Force on What Really Matters

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New Year Wisdom: Focus Your Life Force On What Really Matters in 2017 – Use your “Super Power of Choice”

One of the biggest reasons that we get so overwhelmed and stretched too thin and end up sacrificing our health and happiness to take care of everything and everyone else… AND why we end the year not having accomplished what really mattered to us, stems from how you choose to complete and begin your year. Let’s not do that again – let’s tap into some new year wisdom!

Yesterday was the new moon, and it begins what is called “The Dreaming + Receiving Time” it is not time to make resolutions or goals or even vision boards come Jan 2nd. Between now and January 12th (the full moon), it’s time to DREAM & IMAGINE what is possible and RECEIVE & TUNE IN to Divine Wisdom and your Heart Desires beyond what you can think with your mind, but that your soul already knows.

So many of our choices throughout the year do not align with what truly matters to us – in our work, relationships, health, self expression, home. This year, what if that changed? What if we each gave ourselves the space to tune into a deeper wisdom and consider the choices we’ve made and the choices we could make, so they were infused with wisdom, instead of the pressure the mainstream world is going to start spouting about come January 1st?


I poured a copy of coffee this morning in my “do all things with love mug,” & lit us a white candle in my selenite crystal to activate some feminine intuition mojo for this week’s Feminine Power Time:

The Power of Choice: New Year Wisdom for Focusing Your Life Force on What Really Matters. These next two weeks are sacred time to tune into your deeper desires.

In this Feminine Power Time with me, Christine Arylo, tune in for some new year wisdom and personal reflection to support you in creating a year that you love and that has space and time for what really matters, including:

  • The most essential question to ask yourself as you start the new year
  • What to do instead of making resolutions and goals at the start of January that will make sure your choices are wiser.
  • The Feminine Super Power of Choice – and why Gloria Steinem says it’s so essential to our health and happiness.
  • Dreaming and Receiving Time – how to tap into a deeper wisdom than you can access through your mind or a vision board



Christine Arylo Feminine Power Time Podcast

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Consider joining me and a circle of courageous women from around the world to mystically and practically apply this feminine wisdom to how you live lead and succeed in 2017 – – starts Jan 12th! 

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  • Sierra

    My Dream seed is to continue to facilitate dance and help myself and others heal by telling their stories through authentic movement. I want to be with the messiness that my life is with horses, chickens, my dog, marriage, a career, and being so in love with being a Mother. My desire is to slow down and live more this year. Being exhausted and overworked is not a badge of honor. That is not a superpower!! I want to have a community retreat center that nourishes and supports.

    • Christine Arylo

      Sierra – sending lots of love and blessings to your dream seed – which includes a part of the seed i am passionate about as well – being exhausted and overworked is not a badge of honor. yes to slowing down and trusting more is possible not less. xoxo

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