Illumination Meditation: A Prayer of Light for Year’s End

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Illumination Meditation: A Prayer of Light for Year’s End

Yesterday was Winter Solstice. Today marks the turn of the year that signifies the return of the light. Scientifically the days get longer, and nights get shorter. Spiritually, it’s a powerful time to tap into the “divine” light to reflect on the past year, to release any shadow like stuff – blame, shame, disappointment – using the power of self-compassion and to invite the Divine to shine the light ahead into 2017.

I spent the day with Noah yesterday reflecting on the surprises and successes we each had. As well as sharing the ‘shorts’ – the disappointments and failures – and then using a super power practice I shared with you all at the Super Power Reflection Ritual on Sunday to release the self judgments and criticisms around them so we could make choices next year that honor what we each desire. Then I spent two hours with my acupuncturist releasing those shadowy emotions from my body. Then filled up with sweetness and love with “a dinner + a ritual” with my soul sister Shiloh Sophia over pasta and red wine. We shared and witnessed each others successes and disappointments, clearing the way for more light to guide our paths this coming year. So soul nourishing, all of it.


Today, as the light returns, I invite made you a special “illumination meditation + super power prayer” this morning … in honor of the returning of the light that started yesterday… in honor of you really receiving the light that you are and the difference your light has made… and in honor of you completing this year with less of the shadows of blame, shame, criticism, disappointment from the past year and MORE LIGHT to guide and illuminate your path into 2017.

Christine Arylo Feminine Power Time Podcast

Tune into this episode of Feminine Power Time – a special year end meditation – with me Christine Arylo and I will share some of the feminine wisdom that will keep you connected to what sustains and nourishes you this season, and set the seeds for what’s to come in the new year.

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Using the power of this time that signifies ‘the return of the light’ – the days get longer and many spiritual traditions celebrate the light too – take a guided  20-minute journey with Christine Arylo to

    • honor the imprint your light has made in the world and with those you love
    • honor the difference you have made this year
    • receive the light of all you have done and become
    • release yourself from shame, blame, judgment and disappointments from this year so you can be lighter going into 2017
    • invite in the “divine’ light to illuminate the path of ahead

    A special year end meditation taped for you on the day the light returns.

And if you would like to take a super power Reflection on your year – Every year I create and lead a Reflection process as a gift to my communities – you can access it here – includes videos from the live ritual + a special Reflection Super Power Pause booklet. 

Arylo Super Power Reflection Ritual

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  • Karen

    fantastic podcast. Just what I needed to hear to get back on track. the holidays can really mess with my inner peace. thanks for caring.

    • Christine Arylo

      thank you Karen – so happy the love and peace got through to you – thank YOU for tuning in to YOU xoxo

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