Vitality for Victory: Do You have the Energy You Need to Thrive?

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Feminine Wisdom to Stay Strong + Make Sure You Have the Energy Needed to Thrive

I’ve been thinking ALOT about how we can stay “strong” as we head into this coming year. Did you know it’s a Fire Rooster year (think Phoenix – mystical bird who burns down the parts that no longer serve so she may soar)…

About every person I know is experiencing a version of this. Last weekend’s marches around the world are just a start of the intensity and change to come… not just collectively, but very personally for each one of us. And that offers us great power and possibility, if we have the strength and stamina, and smarts.

Think of it this way… just like the Phoenix, we can rise and soar, but not without our “super powers.” If we try to do our lives as usual during intense times… we can burn too quickly by trying to make things happen too fast, or by letting our emotions (anger, fear) overwhelm and drain us … or we can fizzle out and smolder in the ashes because we don’t have the strength to maintain our passion or physical stamina… or worse get stuck in the fire. I’m good friends with the Phoenix, and I’ve come way too close to burning out or draining my power because I was pushing through the old ways.

Pratice Super Powers Stay Strong Arylo


There was a time I didn’t have the wisdom nor the physical and spiritual practices I needed to meet the intensity and expansion of my life in ways that truly sustained me on ALL levels. Which is why today on this new moon, I’m inviting you to join me for this week’s Feminine Power Time: Vitality for Victory: Do You have the Energy You Need to Thrive?  

Tune in and we will turn off the outside chatter and tune into wisdom and open up our channels to get wise about:

  • VITALITY – what is it and how do you cultivate it. You are going to love this definition!
  • Generating Life Force – what is life force and how do you get more of it so your body doesn’t just fall apart every year you age like a broken down car
  • Getting rid of stress and subconscious garbage that gets stuck in your body and pysche and messes with your choices and emotions
  • Gain access to your direct connection to Divine Wisdom
  • Get a strong nervous system and magnetic field — even if you don’t  know what this is and why it matters, this is wisdom we all need.


Christine Arylo Feminine Power Time Podcast

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My commitment is to share the wisdom so you can stay STRONG in the true feminine, soul level sense… reach for the stars… take care of what you love, including yourself… stand up, speak up and be the most radiant version of yourself.

This world needs you to be you more than ever. Let’s make sure you have spiritual and physical practices to keep you centered, focused and strong.


Consider joining me and a circle of courageous women from around the world to mystically and practically apply this feminine wisdom to how you live lead and succeed in 2017 – – starts now! 

And/Or Join me in Mexico for a Spring Equinox retreat to activate and learn these vitality generating, harmonizing practices, wisdom, and tools.


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