STAY S.T.R.O.N.G.: How we stay strong during intense and uncertain times, the Feminine Powered Way

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STAY STRONG.: Thriving in intense times with our feminine power vs other kinds of “power” that really are not so powerful.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we can stay “strong” during these intense and uncertain times. Maybe like most people I know you’ve been feeling the intensity? And the year has just started! So how do you make sure you are strong enough and have the energy needed to ride the waves ahead?

I love the word strong and the word intense. Not strong as in dominating macho power, or in self sacrificing martyr power or in being a tireless machine who never stops but just keeps working until it drops power. Not intense as in being a bulldozer or so overwhelming you buckle. But …

Strong as in having the vitality to be victorious during times of change.

Intense as in embracing the fire of change to fuel the realities you desire.

Strong as in centered, clear, calm, and compassionate within the chaos and uncertainty.

Intense as in focused on what truly matters and is your part to play and wise enough to let go of the rest.

These are some of the tenants of feminine wisdom and leadership essential to thriving during these intense times, if we desire to elevate our lives and this world, together.

When I connect into my true, divine power within, where pure strength comes from – instead of some of the distorted masculine and distorted feminine power tricks I was taught to survive my family, former relationships with dominating men, education, corporate career, and  entrepreneurial endeavors, here’s a simple breakdown of what true STRONG power looks like (in my book anyway):

Stay Strong Love Club


S – Speak your truth + stay connected

T- Trust yourself 

R- Rest + Replenish

O- Own your power + play your part 

N – Nourish your heart & soul desires

G – Give & Receive

I made this session of Feminine Power Time for you after spending the afternoon at the Equine Experiential learning organization Belos Cavalos I work with who like the Path of Self Love has a mission to heal hearts by keeping the thread of love alive inside our children (and ourselves)  – we were with 10 girls from a local children’s home who have been taken out of their homes by the state for various reason that i won’t list here now. You can imagine that those tender hearts can feel anything but strong and loved. We spent the afternoon with this gentle giant Secreto who used to be a bull fighting horse but was ‘too sensitive’ – get the connection to the misuse and misunderstanding of power in our dominate-over culture that thinks bullying is powerful?

What always strikes me is how much I LEARN while watching the girls open up and the horses offer their gentle strength – truly ambassadors for what REAL power looks like.  The girls painted words that they were choosing to bring forth from within no matter what the outside circumstances. I received so much from that afternoon that i just had to sit with you all right after for a super powered Feminine Power Time. Tune in! (plus they were the first group of girls to receive our 2017 Self Love Super Power Socks coming out on Self Love Day for 13 days so we can share and wear the love.)


To listen to the STAY STRONG the Feminine Power Way Session:

Go here to listen + subscribe on ITUNES – so it downloads directly to your mobile device

Go here to listen on STITCHER – if you don’t use ITUNES

Or use the player above to listen here on my Feminine Leadership + Wisdom Blog

And then make sure to save your space on Self Love Day for a super power circle to make sure you are rooted in your strength and self for 2017.

Stay Strong Self Love Day Email Banner

STAY S.T.R.O.N.G. we have declared as the official self love mantra for 2017. You may or may not know that February 13th is the 10th global  Self Love Day (yes the day before Valentines Day on purpose) where people around the world take a set of self love promises that support them to stay true to themselves no matter what the coming year, believing if our actions are rooted in real, practical self-love then we will love others more and be even more powerful in giving our gifts to the world.

As the leader of the international self-love movement, I founded Self Love Day a decade ago so we would have a gathering point that gave us the collective power to illuminate the truth of self-love (which is defined as vanity and conceit in the dictionary)… and bring the medicine and message of self-love to all in real practical tangible ways that gave them access to their power within.

Over 200 Love Ambassadors are holding self love circles this month in their homes and communities in over 25 countries.

On Self Love Day, I Christine Arylo + The Path of Self Love School will be hosting a Feminine Super Power Salon – live streamed from my home and heart to yours –

 RSVP for free and learn more here

And stay tuned for how to participate in our Wear and Share the Love Super Power Socks  –
1 pair for you + 1 pair to share + 1 pair for a child to show someone cares.
Here’s the girls after our Heart Art session with the horses.  Self Love Socks with Girls Hands

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