From Burnout to Balance: A Feminine Super Power Salon with Christine Arylo

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Please Enjoy this special soul-invoking, illuminating salon, focused on a topic that I see so many struggle with: BURNOUT.

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You know… the feelings of overwhelm…the pressure of trying to manage it all… and the resulting stress on your body and mind. Even when you love what you do, and love the people in your life, it can all feel a little too much.

Often our society focuses on quick fixes and the surface symptoms instead of the roots of where this overwhelm comes from – keeping you stuck in the patterns of overworking, overdoing, overgiving, overworrying, all the deeper internal habits that lead to burnout.

Join me and others around the world to go deeper, use the power of this full moon, and gather in community, in ‘salon’, to reveal the internal and external factors that create burnout, and to find personal solutions that make lasting shift, creating internal patterns and external situations that create more sustainable, supportive and spacious rhythms to our lives.

From my living room to yours. Full moon super power!

And… Mark your Calendars for April 9th – I am starting a 40-Day practice to transform Burnout into Balance. You can take the practice right right from your home… with the focus to create a more sustainable, supportive, spacious rhythm to your life.   

Click here to get the invitation and the divine details. 

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“Salons” have been way thinkers, artists, leaders, revolutionaries, and people who dare to think and live differently have gathered for centuries. Focused on a topic, they are like ‘super powered gatherings’ that can elevate consciousness, challenge the status quo, invoke new thought and provoke change within one’s self and as result in the systems, families, communities and worlds you live, lead and work in.

I call them “feminine super power” because we do them on the full moons, the moon is traditionally seen as feminine energy, and the full moon is a specific window of 2-3 days that offers extra power to illuminate, expand and elevate our experience, our consciousness and the realities we create for ourselves and our worlds. They will be live cast on or near the full moon, available for 4 days after for viewing for free, and we are planning on doing them for the next 4 months to see how they go. I look forward to experiencing these with you.

 Look forward to being with you in the glow of the full moon!

Christine Arylo Sustainable Success

Here’s to us all rising above the status quo and realities that bind us,

to create new worlds and realties that free us to be our most brilliant selves,

without sacrificing our health, happiness or relationships.

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