Overwhelm: Stop Draining & Start Retaining Your Energy

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Overwhelm. We all feel it. We all know that when we react from that overwhelmed place, we don’t show up as the people we want to be and we don’t make the best choices for ourselves.

Cranky and crabby vs. Courageous and compassionate.

Critical vs. Graceful.

Depleted & Drained vs. Vibrant & Radiant

Confused and Uncertain vs Confident & Clear.

Overwhelm when used powefully is an indicator that something is out of harmony and alignment in your life. Overwhelm for any prolonged period of time is a recipe for creating realities that don’t serve you nor support you.

So what do you do with overwhelm when it shows up?

And more powerfully, how do you prevent it?

After many years living on what I call the Oveworked, Overwhelmed and Over it Rollercoaster, in which I would have stretches of high productivity, accomplishing alot, taking care of it all, managing my life like a trapeze artist, and then would fall into the net of exhaustion, depletion, feeling drained physically and materially, empty emotionally and spiritually,  I was given a piece of ancient Taoist wisdom that I was able to translate for my modern lifestyle and create a new way of operating.

Choose To Sustain Yourself Poster
I’ve used this piece of wisdom and the practice I created out of it daily for more than 5 years, and it’s been one of the foundational practices that has allowed me to increase
my capacity to serve, create, give my great work, write books, travel, without exhausting myself.

There are many reasons why we find ourselves in overwhelm and in the exhaustion depletion cycle.

I invite you to join me for this episode Feminine Super Power Time where I will share one of the big roots of overwhelm, how to use overwhelm to strengthen you instead of stress you out, and also share the ancient Taoist Wisdom I received including a practice and a Feminine Super Power rule that can empower you to get what you need, keep your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual reserves full.

Turn off the outside Chatter. And tune into your heart and soul.  22 minutes to upgrade your internal operating system to more harmony and vitality, less stress and overwhelm.

This podcast and the practice are inspired by the 40 day Burnout to Balance practice, a forty day practice I designed to give the support, structure and sisterhood we need to change our internal operating systems to ones programmed to harmony, vitality and sustainability instead of stress, overwhelm, and depletion.

Burnout to Balance 40 day practice with Christine Arylo

If you’d like to make shifts on the inside to your nervous system, neural pathways, habits and beliefs that create a more supportive rhythm for you life, consider joining us. We start a live 40 day practice on April 9th.

I am doing this practice live this year because I know the power of people coming together with intention – shift happens in ways you can’t do on your own.

And you can do this practice right from home in your day to day life, which is where the shift needs to occur anyway 🙂


Go to www.40daypowerpractice.com for the full invitation




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