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There’s a lot of misunderstandings about dreams that can mess up your manifesting. Watch this video & get the divine download on how dreams really do come true. Choose self empowerment, choose self-love.

I have some questions for you love…

What is your Sacred Dream for the World?

What is your Sacred Dream for Yourself this year?

And are you going about dreaming in the ‘right’ way?

I used to think that dreams happened in the future, that I had to pursue them, manifest them, make them happen, or just get lucky. And that caused a lot of pressure, disappointment and frankly hard work.

There is SO much misunderstanding about how dreams really work — information telling you to make vision boards, to apply the Law of Attraction, to manifest your soul mate or more money in simple 7 steps, or whatever as if dreams are some magic trick that pop out of a hat. As if you just have the right thoughts and focus hard enough, you’ll get exactly what you want. And it just doesn’t work that way.

It’s not that the Law of Attraction, or vision boards or desiring a soul mate or money is incorrect, it’s the energy, the ego, and the attachment, and the partial truths and over-simplification that lead to misunderstandings that can lead you into a lot of disappointment, stress, and pressure around your dreams becoming your reality.

Stop-Waiting-Dreams-CA-300x300So when I thought about what I could share with you this week – as I myself dream and watch my sacred dream for the world and for myself come true – I knew I had to share 3 pieces of wisdom that can straighten out misunderstandings about dreams and manifesting … so the divine flow can move through you. Self empowerment is all about being the queen or king of your own domain, and being the monarch of your own dreams (with a divine partnership of course!)

With right understanding about sacred dreams, I’ve watched my dream to co-create a world rooted in self-love, where children and adults can always source love from inside themselves grow… from one party in a friend’s house in Chicago in 2006 to the international Self-Love Day – Feb 13th – which last year touched over 41 countries, tens of thousands of people with 800 people throwing self-love parties… a self-love concert we video-streamed around the world … and super-powered self-love retreats… all of which we will be occurring again this year (and you are invited!!!)

Watch this Love Letter video and clear the way for your sacred dream for the world and for yourself this year to come in. And then put Self Love Day on your calendar and choose how you will participate this year!

AND… Take a stand for your Sacred Dream For the World and Your Sacred Dream for Yourself for this year.

Here, I’ll start — ‘My sacred dream for the world is that we live in a world in which every child born is born connected to love and stays connected to love – never losing the thread of love or the feeling that they are loved.” “My sacred dream for myself in 2015 is that I live in a home that is a beautiful, spacious, love filled retreat home AND that I travel the world sharing the message of love and experiencing the love and beauty this world and its people have to offer.”

Okay, now your turn…

And remember — I’d LOVE to see you in Wine Country for the Self Love Retreat… it was SO Much fun last year that we are doing it again! Go to

And also… you can host a self love circle yourself in your home!! This year we are taking a stand to END NEGATIVE SELF TALK! Go here to sign up – we will send you a complete Self Love Circle Kit! and you  join a legion of Love Ambassadors who are starting a revolution to end negative self talk and choose self love talk! Think how much happier we will all be!.

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