A Super Power Reflection Ritual for Completing 2014 … Winter Solstice Ritual

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Winter Solstice with Christine aryloGo here for the ritual and booklet.

I am SUPER excited to share this super powered Winter Solstice Ritual with you – for reflecting on the year that has been so that you can RECEIVE all that you have done and become and also truly be free to create a new year aligned with your heart and soul. It’s the same ritual i’ve used for over a decade… it works! I created a special recording + a booklet for you.

First, A Little About Winter Solstice

The official day of Winter Solstice is Dec 21st, however the energy of Solstice can be felt and used during the period from Dec 19-24… and if you miss those days, you can still do this ritual before the end of the year!

The time of Solstice is the darkest days of the year, because it is a time for reflection, for going inward, deep inside yourself to look back at the year that has been, to celebrate and learn from your surprises, successes and failures. It’s a time to decide what you want to leave behind in 2014, and what you want to take with you into 2015. It’s a time to be quiet and with yourself. It’s a time for being grateful for all that you have created in the past year (because let’s face it, it is so easy to forget all that you have accomplished).

There are 7 key times during the year when super duper potent energy is available to us, times when it’s important to stop, pause and tap in. Times when the earth and the universe actually open up energy streams that we can tap into. Winter Solstice is one of those times. When you choose to stop and plug yourself in, you can stop having to be the energy stream, and you can tap into an energy stream that is 1000x more powerful than your one body. It’s the difference between you being a strand of Christmas tree lights and trying to power them with a foot pump vs. plugging them into the wall with a constant energy source from some mega energy plant. Plugging yourself into Winter Soltice lights you up vs. you having to do all the pumping.


**Second, Reflect using the powerful Winter Solstice ritual recording and booklet I made for you 

>>Go here to download the Reflection Ritual Recording http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventid=63439644
>>Go here to get the Reflection Ritual Winter Solstice 2014 Guidebook

If you are an achiever like me, you’ve probably been conditioned to believe that if you are not doing something, you are not creating value. I ask you heart to heart to let go of that belief today. I’ve learned the exhausted way, that this demented achiever mentality only leads to working way harder than necessary.

Your get-to during Solstice is to take some time to BE with yourself, and to literally experience the wisdom, the energy and the happiness that becomes available to you when you take the time to BE. It’s like rewiring yourself to be a more energy efficient model of you!

During Winter Soltice I take a least one whole day and evening to process the year that has been, to let go of twiggly danglers and to start getting signs for the next year. If you are just getting started, you can do your reflection ritual for 2014 with a few hours of BEING vs a few days – even two hours will start to give you the feel. We all have two hours to give to ourselves, and if you don’t, please stop and ask yourself why not.

How you end this year will be exactly how you live 2014, and taking care of you is the best thing you can do…(#selflove)

For everyone and everything in your life (plus this ritual is super fun, enlightening and so worth the return it will give you!)


(Note: The ritual recording starts a little funny as we had a slight techy problem, but it won’t affect your ritual – enjoy!)

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