What if You Actually Asked for the Support You Needed and Wanted this Year?

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Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like you don’t have the support that you need? Or maybe even a few days, weeks that can go by that way? Or as you start to connect into the dreams you have for your coming year, you just feel like you don’t possibly have the support to create them?

I have these times of feeling unsupported less I used to, but they still creep in, for sure, and when they do, yikes!

Sometimes it’s not so bad, I just get a little crabby. But sometimes it grows to frustration, and that wrinkle between my brows starts to show its nasty face, which is usually followed by an inner mean girl attack.

Or like last week, the feelings of not having the support I need gets so intense I feel like just quitting my life – you know like running away to some island somewhere and just start selling pencils (which Noah always reminds me is not a very profitable business.)

And I have a GREAT life… but in these moments, I am so disconnected from the source of my support it’s hard to see it, let alone feel it or believe it.

Today’s love letter is dedicated to each one of us taking a stand to leave the “I am not supported. I don’t have the support I need. It’s all on me. I am on my own” stories in 2012.

And in 2013, from a place of SELF-EMPOWERMENT (super rad branch on the self-love tree) take a stand for getting clear on the support you need, asking for the support you want, and then opening up to receiving the support when in comes.

Tune into this weeks Love Letter where I share a super powered process I use to tell the universe what support i need each year… and the emergency process I use in the moments when I forget how supported I am.

The video includes a short but mighty adventure – including markers! – that will show you how to call in the support you need and want in 2013.

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