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Tune into the truth of what you really want this year… beyond the ego and the fear and the shoulds… and then dare to take a step towards and a stand for it…

Two questions you must ask yourself BEFORE you create a vision board, a goal or an intention.

Make sure you create what fills you up, not just makes you busy.  Watch this video, do the meditation, tune into your true self and then and only then take action.

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  • janis

    Yep! Isn’t it true– we call in the one this year and all that keeps showing up is YOU! You are the one. You are what you are waiting. We are so used to looking in relationships for ourselves, but that door is closing fast– when we liberate ourself to love ourselves unconditionally, we are truly loving all because there is no one else out there. We are one. We are in a relationship with ourselves and when the mirror reflects the true image of ourself as we let love define the ‘image’ we will see only one of us. What a grand day of discovery we are all in~~ !!!!!

  • suzie aar

    Thank YOU so much for this letter!! via internet….
    I am on the cusp of change, it is so exciting!
    (btw-I have been telling my friends,
    instead of a New Year’s Resolution, go for
    a (New Year’s)Revolution — LOVE
    anyway finding the seed, wowziers batman, oops batwoman!
    then ask the Divine what is the next step.
    I have ONLY to add,
    Spending time w/YOUR heart does not mean ALWAYS needing
    external feedback. I need to NOT be swayed by anyone
    else’s desire for MY life, I need to find the SEED I NEED
    to Plant, we plant, maybe someone else waters!!
    But the wonderful God, Divine Universe
    Loved and inspired yet again by your words,
    Loving the new book, I share it w/my sweet friend,
    we read, discuss, cry together in love, (even though
    we are miles apart….)
    In Divine Love,

  • Laura R.

    very wise intention directions, loved it !!
    Happy 2013 !

  • Denise

    You guys are so inspiring. Thank You…

  • Renee

    Thank you Christine! Your presentation was beautiful and directly from the heart. I appreciate the reminder to check in with why I desire the things I want in life, and to always begin with my heart’s true love.

  • Rimfire

    This was a fantastic and perfect reminder for me at this time- I’m completely reconfiguring my life and have felt rather tumultuous and tumbled about, unclear except for one shining signal. Thank you for your gorgeous video letters, I love them. 🙂 Hopefully one day we’ll be able to meet up and I’ll be able to tell you that in person rather than waving from Australia.

  • Tonika

    Over the past year and a half I have been on a journey with The Lord. And in the process of finding out so many wonderful things your book Me before We come into my life leading me to your web site. Which has lead to to tell you how much your podcast and you Love letters have really inspired me and helped me to stay on my path to greatness. A greater me, a greater tomorrow, greater love, ect. Thank you, and God bless .

  • jen christian

    What a moving and delightfully enlightening morsel you’ve shared. Thank you.
    I laid my hands on my heart and belly and heard in reply “family home adventure travel…..healing all in need of my service as I go” the answer so soft, a whisper of love in my body.
    I’m in the process of a divorce (also working through Me before We) and had vowed to myself three years ago that I would do whatever it takes to become completely whole and healthy physically mentally emotionally and spiritually. Then my world fell apart instead of being magically transformed! Argh! Lol….well ..now I’m beginning to see and feel and breath and know myself. Thank you for the huge part you’ve played in this new knowing that all my dreams are not dead they are waiting for me just around the bed.
    Cheers! May your new life lead you to your heart and souls delight.

  • alicia hernandez

    Thank you for all your letters, your information is an inspiration for me.
    God bless you.

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