What Are You Leaving Behind So You Can Be Free To Receive in the New Year?

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You don’t want to go into the new year laden down with things you don’t need.
This means that you want to make a conscious decision about what you are taking into 2013 with you… and what you are leaving behind.
Because while we are grateful for all the lessons of 2012, you don’t want to take unnecessary stuff with you into the new year.
It will weigh you down.

I’ve been letting go of unhealthy emotions, unnecessary patterns, old clothes, and more… even let go of an unneeded e-mail
box yesterday – AHH relief!!

So today, I share with you a process – that is simple but mighty in it’s three questions — that I‘ve been using with myself and my close clients for years – and it works like a charm to make sure you start 2013 clear and ready to RECEIVE.

I invite you to take an act of self-love – have a BFF moment, you know a heart to heart with yourself that gives you permission to take action aligned with your highest good.

heck in to see what you can release, compost and send off with good will. This will feel GREAT!

And then list here a few of the things you are letting go so we and put them into the Cosmic Transformer Vat and recycle them into the Universe! 

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  • Sabby

    This is a very good idea Christine, thank you for putting this out there and sharing with us all.
    I just wished this video came a little bit earlier, I live in Australia and we are already the 30th of December here and I just have 1 and 1/2 days left before 2013.
    This process of cleaning out emotions, stuffs and relationships is a long one to do, in my case anyway ;)lol.
    Thanks for sharing and wishing you all the best in 2013/

  • Renee Hose

    Unhealthy emotional habits:
    Guilt , Anger , Grief over Abusive Marriage and End of that marriage…..
    Stuff: Unneeded furniture / Fixtures from home lost to foreclosure. Crap in Garage – old VCR Tapes – Random Stuff – Cars ( to make room for the new GIG mobile to do my musical performances )
    Relationships: Releasing my EX from any obligation to me esp since he has shown himself to be the liar and schemer ( in addition to abusive) I always knew that he was but didn’t fully acknowledge.

  • Angie

    I am soooo excited for this!! I’ve already been clearing out physical stuff, and changing relationships to welcome in more love and closeness and authenticity, but I hadn’t yet worked on the emotional or thought patterns that I will be leaving behind in 2012! Woohoo! Bye bye!
    I’ve made a list and narrowed it down so that when these emotions come up again, as I’m sure they will, I can clearly remember, “Nope, I left that behind in 2012.”
    Thank you! I will be ceremoniously burning my list tomorrow night on New Year’s Ever, and welcoming in 2013 – a year filled with more love and adventure than I’ve ever before experienced.

  • Angie

    I forgot to add what I’m letting go of –
    -feelings of inferiority
    -anxiety, perfectionism, and struggle with food

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