Have You Called God to Get the Answer?

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How often do we, do you, try to do it all on your own? Struggle to
‘figure’ it out? Feel like there is no way to create what you really
And then feel defeated, feel like you are a failure, and feel all alone.

Too often.

Your mind loves to convince you that it should be the one in control, and then it goes out into the world to seek out all kinds of evidence to prove this to be true.

This love letter offers a different way… 

It’s an invitation and
instruction on how to REMEMBER to place a service call to God for assistance

you need to dial 9-1-1… place a call to say “I need your help
universe, divine, God, whatever name you like to use… please show me
the way.”

And then use the steps I share with you in this love letter to find your way.

What do you really desire in your life today?

Where do you need some divine assistance?

Plug in to your 24/7 downline to the divine, press the button and ask
for divine assistance- because if you don’t press the service button,
its’ hard for all that light to come in! (notice the words ALL-LIGHT on
the button!)

Yep, you are going to put in a service call and ILLUMINATE the path of least resistance by dialing in for some divine assistance!

Call Up the Divine and Ask for Some Assistance!


Dial Up Divine Assistance … everyday

Everyday for the next 7 days, dial up the divine and ask for it’s help.
Just like you would make a phone call to a friend, you will place a call
to God. And you will ask for help – whatever that assistance is that
you need to find your way. Use the four steps as I shared in the video:

  1. Ask for Assistance – literally ask God/divine/universe for what you need – not “want” – but need and truly desire, from your heart! And say, “I need your help… please show me the way”
  2. Surrender – now you have to give over the control to the divine. Take it away from your mind and let the divine drive. Surrender to the possibility that more magical things can happen than your tiny mind could imagine.
  3. Acknowledge It — when the divine shows up to give you the guidance, most likely in a form that you don’t expect or maybe even recognize right away, say Thank you, I see you divine. Thank you for answering! And listen.
  4. Act on it – whatever piece of popcorn shows up to illuminate your path, that says, go this way… go this way… go that way. Take ONE step towards your lit up life and then ask again.

If you meditate in the mornings, make the phone call then. Add this step
to your meditation. If you don’t meditate set your phone alarm to a
specific time of day and when the alarm goes off, stop, drop and dial
in. Be open to what you receive in return, it won’t often look like what
you expect! 

You can’t do this alone, you don’t have to, but you do have to ask and receive the help!

KNOW that… you deserve the love of the divine. All you have to do is open up to
receive it. May the love flow to you and may you receive the guidance,
wisdom and magic you need.

And for extra divine assistance, feel free to post your “ask” here too – we’d love to witness you as you dial up the divine!

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