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Top 5 Reasons People DON’T Get the Support and Relationships they Want … and What You Need Instead

1. You expect things people can’t give you. You are putting the wrong expectations on people, setting yourself up for disappointment and hurt feelings. Not everyone fits into your inner ring, even though you want them to.

You need to put people in the right “Love Rings” to set the right expectations, levels of vulnerability and levels of intimacy.

2. You put all your love eggs in one basket. You are looking for 1 or 2 relationships to give you all the support you need, so when those relationships don’t work well, you starve.

You need more supportive relationships.

3. You are using faulty strategies that don’t work, no matter how hard you try.
You weren’t given the wisdom about how relationships really work, probably because the people around you weren’t very good at them, either.

You need new skills and love strategies that create more support, not more drama.

4. Your heart is over-protected so the support (the love) can’t get in … for good reason.
You built defenses to protect your heart when you got hurt in the past. But that protection is actually keeping you from getting what you need.

You need to learn how to understand your brand of protection and open yourself up to the right people.

5. You’ve settled for less, and you don’t know how to receive more
. You’ve allowed non-loving, inconsistent, non-respectful relationships to hang out in your life.

You need to take a stand for having ONLY loving, respectful, consistent relationships, period.

If you want more support you need to make a commitment to loving yourself enough to get all of the things you need, as listed above.

Give that most of us are ‘relationship challenged’ … scared to death of real intimacy and vulnerability… and brain washed to be only givers not receivers, most of us need help, support and inspiration to create the kinds of relationships that can be super supportive and loving.

Which is exactly why I created the 40-day Choosing ME before WE self-love adventure – a course designed to help you to create the best relationships of your life.

It’s been called

A life-changing. transformative, awakening and empowering experience

Go here to check it out — we’d love to have you join us for a community of hundreds of people who have said YES to the best relationships of their lives!


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