100: Making Wise Choices: Is Fear or Wisdom Guiding You? #2 of 3

Making Wise Choices: Is Fear or Wisdom Guiding You? Feminine Power Time Episode #100 #2 OF 3 IN THE MAKING WISE CHOICES SERIES Tune in through the Player Above. Tune in on ITUNES Here. OR Tune in [...]


Imagine A World of Self Love

Watch this video and be reminded WHY self-love isn’t selfish, but essential and then leads you through a personal boost of love to leave you feeling that self-love promise of “I will [...]


3 Rules of LOVE — Make sure you attract more love, not less, into your life.

As a culture and as human beings, we spend just about as much time talking about and thinking about our relationships, and our relationship status as we do about how we are going to pay our bills [...]


Radical Self Love: Are You Willing To Disappoint Another To Be True to Yourself?

For the past two weeks, I’ve so wanted to write a love blog post, I’ve even sat down and started to write them, but the truth is… I didn’t have it to give. You see I just [...]

Love Starters: 3 ways to start your year from LOVE vs FEAR

I am a big believer in the phenomenon that how you begin your year is how you will live your year. And as I recently learned from my acupuncturist Dr. Feng, there is an ancient Chinese proverb [...]


Watch What You Say YES to… it can negatively impact your health!

It’s day 15 of my 40 day self-love practice of Taking Care of ME first, and I have to laugh. I often call myself a recovering achievement junkie because I am still recovering. Case in [...]


Self Love Isn’t A Dirty Word

It’s day 11 of my self-love journey of taking care of me first, and my answer of how to do that today is that I need to write this blog, today for me and for every woman and girl out there [...]


Are You A Madly in Love with ME Woman?

SELF LOVE Few of us would deny that self-love is a bad idea, right? And I would wager that none of us would tell our daughters, nieces, godchildren or any other woman or girl for that matter, [...]

Love is A Practice… Let’s Start Practicing with Ourselves

With the 12 days of Christmas over… and 360 days ahead of us in 2010 How About Joining ME for a 40-Day Self-love Practice… 40 days of falling more madly in love with ourselves!  [...]

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