Radical Self Love: Are You Willing To Disappoint Another To Be True to Yourself?

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For the past two weeks, I’ve so wanted to write a love blog post, I’ve even sat down and started to write them, but the truth
is… I didn’t have it to give.

You see I just finished my new book two weeks ago – which up
until that point has been like being in labor for 16 months! And on the
day I was really done, instead of dancing on tables, I was laying
horizontal in my bed … tired, spent, and needing to R-E-S-T!. It felt
like I had just released something that had been with me, on my mind,
for waking moment for over a year. I needed to seriously replenish. I
needed to unplug from working and plug into resting. You know all that
self-care stuff. But I had a lot of commitments to others I had already
made. Plus this baby book that wanted more attention!

What to do?

Maybe you can relate? You know those times you know you just don’t
have it to give, that you need to rest and relax but you feel obligated,
guilty, pressured, like you should just ‘push through,’ ‘buck up and
power up?’

So there I stood at a crossroads – could I give myself permission to rest, cancel events, keep my output to a minimum. And was I willing to disappoint other people in order to stay true to myself?

It didn’t escape me that I had just completed a book on self-love!

And so I knew the answer, I HAD to give myself permission and choose self-care for ME … but it was hard, and it often is…

Luckily I had three super powered self-love tools to call on – and it
took all 3 to finally give myself permission to relax and replenish
these last two weeks

So today, in solidarity to your self-care and giving ourselves the rest
and replenishment we need, no matter what… I share with you those 3
self-love tools so you can use them too!
Watch the video where I share my story and my 3 super power tools:

  1. GET PERMISSION FROM YOURSELF… Ask the super powered self love question, “Am I willing to disappoint another to stay true to myself?” Btw, the answer is always YES!
  2. GET PERMISSION FROM A FRIEND… When you can’t do it for yourself, you gotta throw out a love line!  Call your friend and tell them “I need you to tell me it’s okay that I don’t … And that its okay that I choose to take care of myself first.
  3. GET CONFIRMATION FROM THE DIVINE… Dial into God and ask the universe to take care of whatever needs taking care of in divine timing and in everyone’s highest good. And then ask for a divine date when you can come back and revisit this thing you are setting down in a daring act of self love.

the thing I know – We Know HOW to take care of ourselves. We know the
ACTIONS we need to take. It’s GIVING YOURSELF PERMISSION that can be
REALLY HARD to give yourself.

Post HERE What you are willing to give yourself permission to do for yourself as an act of self-love!

ENJOY daring to give yourself love, even if that means disappointing another.

Share the love!
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