The Four Parts of Self: Knowing How Your Whole Self Works

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Feminine Power Time #147
The Four Parts of Self: Knowing How Your Whole Self Works
(#1 of 3 in the Redefining Our Relationship Series)

It may not sound sexy – the Four Parts of Self – but that doesn’t mean it’s not super powered. In traditional schooling and training, we learn to over focus on the mind. In our society, we talk about mental wellness and physical wellness, but what about emotional and soul wellness? We read and hear about body, mind and spirit … but what about the heart? Did you ever wonder why the heart gets left out?

The models we use for understanding ourselves, which drive how connected we feel and which ultimately create the perspectives and reality we live are lacking the full circle of what makes us whole humans – body, mind, heart and soul.

The foundation of leadership and creating the world we wish to see starts with the relationship we have with ourselves.



In this episode of Feminine Power Time #147

The Four Parts of Self: Knowing How Your Whole Self Works
#1 of 3 in the Redefining Our Relationship Series

We dive into re-defining our understanding the Self…through these four parts and the relationship they have with each other:

  • Know your mind.
  • Know your heart.
  • Know your soul.
  • Know your body.

When you really know how these four parts work individually and together, within you, you gain so much more awareness – of yourself and everything around you – which leads to so much more compassion, empowerment and ALIGNMENT.

I poured some coffee and lit a candle, so we can have a deeper conversation, and exploration on each of these 4 realms.

For each, I’ll share with you a simple wisdom-led model that will help you get curious about how you operate and give you more wisdom and insight to creating a whole life, that really does align and support all parts of you. From there, your capacity to influence what matters to you most expands, and the world on the outside shifts. That is feminine power, from the inside out.

See you there!



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Wisdom Bytes

Mind – Know your positive mind, negative mind and neutral mind. Notice defending and duality reality. Respond not react.

Heart – Know your wounds, desires and needs. Notice the connection between your emotions and your thoughts and actions. Respond from wholeness not the wound or wishful thinking.

Soul – Know your destiny path and soul design. Notice the omens, the signs, the doors that open. Trust your path is unique to you. Listen to your soul voice. Live true to your design and destiny.

p.s. If you missed the last episode before this – Wise Woman Tea with Pele Rouge, tune in. It will give you context for this series on Re-Defining Relationship.





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