Achieve, Succeed, Receive: How Women Grow Their Work, Careers, and Wealth Best – Feminine Power Time #105

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105:Achieve, Succeed, Receive: How Women Grow
Their Work, Careers, and Wealth Best

Feminine Power Time Episode #105

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You have goals, dreams, desires, yes? Things you want to achieve, change, manifest, see happen?

Ever feel like they are not happening fast enough or happening to the level you wanted or expected or see other people achieving?

Ever judged yourself for not being where you think you should be now?

Or put pressure on yourself with deadlines and timelines that you needed to do things by that stressed you out?

Welcome to being a woman in the 21st century influenced by an overculture whose expectations for growth and success are completely distorted!

We hold ourselves to such unrealistic expectations of what we can do in a day, month or year, and as a result add instead of detract from our stress load.

Tune into this Feminine Power Time so we can support you to do it differently.

I’ve been working on my next book Overwhelmed and Over It! and thinking a lot about all of you and me and all of the women and courageous conscious men who have a big heart desire to make a difference in the world…

…AND who desire to achieve their personal dreams and desires AND who want to be sustained materially and spiritually, and not have to sell their soul for money or have no money to keep their soul.

We have not been taught how to work and grow our work, careers, and wealth in ways that really work, for how women or really humans work.

So we exhaust ourselves, or our resources. Or we never feel like we are doing enough. Or we try and do too much.

So I took a pause from writing, to pop my head out and share this Feminine Power Time with you: Achieve Succeed Receive: How Women Grow Their Work, Careers and Wealth best. 


 Here’s what we will dive into in Feminine Power Time :

  • How our personal expectations on ourselves for growth are influenced, not in a supportive way, by the over culture
  • The Self Induced Pressure Cookers – the different ways you can put unnecessary pressure on yourself, your team, your organization based on timelines that are so not in rhythm.
  • The Impatience Club. Are you a member?
  • Broken internal timing belts. Have one?
  • How women naturally grow – you’ll love this!
  • How to think about how you grow your work, career and wealth in a way that feels supportive and successful vs. stressful and short.


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