Feminine Wisdom: Dealing with the Intensity of the World… How do you respond?

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Feminine Wisdom for Dealing with the Intensity of the World … what do you ‘do’? how do you respond?

Hello beloved…

I have been sitting these past few weeks watching the very real physical threats that people around this world are facing – floods, fires, missles – at epic proportions it seems.

And I have been pondering and sitting with, what and how can I serve at this time, right now? What can I say? What can I add that addresses what is happening at a very real level but not add to the fear and frenzy the mainstream madness matrix swirls up… adding to the collective anxiety, worry, fear, and separation many feel.

There is a saying in the feminine wisdom tradition, a practice actually that I do my best to live everyday and it is this…

“Allow the words I speak to be worthy of the silence I speak.”

Which means that often I won’t be the first one out of the gate to react or respond, I’m not a first responder. I sit with what is happening… I sit with it in my own heart, I sit with it with the Divine, I sit in my community of mentors and sisters and advisors, I touch in to the mainstream news cycles to observe, I connect with those I can feel are being affected and then when I FEEL the words begin to emerge, I respond.

And I do my best to respond to both what we are experiencing on the physical plane, and also to offer the wisdom that empowers us each to respond from love, not from fear…

To see the potential of what is happening before us so we can flow with it to create realities that connect us as one human species living on one human planet vs. continue to pull us apart and hold us back from the potential that is here for us all.

That’s my part.

And in these intense and uncertain times when change is happening and currently mama nature is sweeping through with both water and fire…

When it can feel like you don’t know what to do or how to respond…

When it can be so easy to get caught up in the swirl and become overwhelmed or become paralyzed…

You can count on me to offer you a place and space to both feel with your courageous compassion heart AND use your feminine wisdom and insight to lead from a place of clarity and centeredness, even in the midst of a storm. Be it physical, spiritual or emotional.


This week’s Feminine Power Time is dedicated in deep prayer to all of those who at this time are experiencing physical and emotional threats, that pull at your very sense of safety. It is an invitation to each of us who at this time have a level of physical and emotional stability to deepen our own support and practice and connection so that we may be presences of clarity, love, connection and calm for all beings.


For those of you that are in the tracks of the floods and fires, for those of you that have been personally affected by the acts of violence and hate, and for those of you feeling unsafe in any way, may you feel the prayers of those of us that are physically safe reaching you, and may you be met with love, grace and compassion every step of the way.

For those of us that are blessed to be physically and emotionally safe and stable at this time, my invitation is for us to bring a mindfulness to both our practices and our presence … for together we can create a field of calm, love, peace and connection to ease the path of the natural storms and personal storms people are facing.

What does that look like? There are 3 practices I am doing my best to live, that I’ll share in this week’s Feminine Power Time.

And a snapshot of what that looked like for me this weekend… starting my day in prayer with Noah and my house guests for those facing physical threats…chanting the song STAY STRONG by David Newman while driving in my car and imagining it going out to the world (put link on my blog for you)… checking in on the status of the natural floods and fires via mainstream news but not being constantly plugged in… spending time in women’s circles to feel connected and create experiences we could offer to the collective field.

It’s been staying focused on my work of teaching self love to girls and women and to teaching feminine wisdom to women leaders and writing my next two books – with more feminine fire than ever knowing I can only do my part, and I’m committed to doing my part to the fullest I can. It’s been texting and reaching out to those I know are being affected by the floods and fires, even if we haven’t spoken in a year.And the hardest, it’s been doing my best to choose love and feeling supported instead of anger or resentment in my day-to-day relationships, even when the “physical evidence” says otherwise.

This is my practice at this time. Which is what I can do.

My other practice is creating sacred space outside of the mainstream madness matrix so you can hear and follow your inner wisdom and stay clear and calm on your path no matter what, and be the force of compassion and courage you are.


Christine Arylo Feminine Power Time Podcast

Join me Christine Arylo, at this Feminine Power Time, for a invoking and elevating conversation about three pieces of wisdom they left that we can use right now, that can help us:JBe connected to the world, without becoming overwhelmed by it, and getting caught in the swirl of fear and frenzy.

  • Have compassion and be an agent for change without becoming an empathetic mess who takes on others feelings
  • Stay focused on your part and feel like what you are doing is enough 
  • The one thing we each need to cultivate more of during this time to stay centered – and how we can lead others to do the same
  • Actions you can take that make a difference without having to stop your day to day life, but that do cause you to elevate yourself out of the sometimes myopic focus we can get in our day to day lives.

I send you these Feminine Power Times on Sunday’s via Wisdom Letter (email) so that you can tune in and connect into your own personal power to make shift happen and be that courageous compassionate leader you are – in your family, work. community, life – and to that very real “Divine Downline” – the source of wisdom and grace that is always here to guide you if you slow down to listen.

If you would like to receive the Feminine Power Time before the weekend, I send it to my subscribers via Itunes and Stitcher on Thursday evenings (Thursdays are my Divine Date nights so in case you wanted to make that a practice too, you can …. or just listen in Fri or Sat). To subscribe on Itunes go hereto subscribe on Stitcher, go here.

** Special Resource – Stay Strong by David Newman – love this song! 

One thing you can ‘do’ to make a difference right now. This act affects the world.

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For those of you who desire to be part of leading the way to weaving and creating new realities –

join me this fall


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