Trusting or Sabotaging Yourself? Working with the Two Forces Within Women and Girls

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When a woman or girl knows how to tell the difference between the inner force that reacts from fear, shame and judgment and sabotages her and the inner force that guides her from loving truth, to respond in accordance to her truth, she gains ‘super power’. Super power to make the choices both small (in her daily live) and big (like who she will marry or if she will marry, what career she will choose, where she will live). The choices we make can change the trajectory of our lives – in powerful ways. Think about the choices you have made from your deep inner wisdom … and the choices you have made from fear that went against your inner knowing.

In my dream world, which I intend to create while I am here on this planet, girls would be taught about their “Feminine Super Power of Intuition” from a very early age – as early as 6 or 7 (because that is when the other force starts to appear).  She would also be taught about this other force within, the one that reacts from fear – fear of not belonging, of looking stupid, of failing, of not having enough… and she would be taught not to fear this force or push it aside, but to listen to it, and love it, give it what is needs, just not let it run her choices or her thoughts.

And then we would grow up as young women talking about these forces, supporting each other to discern between them. We would live our lives as women holding space for each other to sort between what yogi’s call the distorted negative mind and the distorted positive mind to find our neutral minds where they say we can know our truth within 9 seconds. We would live our lives trusting our Feminine Super Power of Intuition and we would follow it no matter what – even when we are scared or it goes against conventional wisdom or our peers.

When a woman or girl knows how to access, trust and follow her inner wisdom, she gains self-trust super powers.

The good news is that we all have these two inner forces, which means we also all have strong intuition. We just didn’t get the training we need, yet.

Feminine Power Podcast with Christine Arylo

In this week’s Feminine Power Time, we’ll tap into the yogic and divine feminine wisdom and explore:

  • What are these two inner forces within the hearts, minds and bodies within all women and girls – and how do we discern the difference between which one is behind our thoughts and actions?
  • How do we strengthen our self trust so we can choices that honor and support us – in our relationships, career, health, wealth, everything
  • What happens to women and girls when they don’t trust their inner wisdom (i will share some stories that will touch your heart)
  • A couple simple feminine super power practices you can start using right away in your daily life to bring more awareness of these two forces, shifting negative self talk, self doubt and self sabotaging habits into self loving actions.

And of course we will end with a mighty meditation to make this all personal and embodied. Remember, feminine power is not a mental idea, it’s an embodied practice and wisdom.





And here’s a few more resources for you….

* If you would like to learn more about the specific way the sabotaging force shows up inside you, take this free quiz – it’s based on the Reform Your Inner Mean work that I’ve used with over 30,000 women and girls around the world.  We’ve identified 13 specific kinds of Inner Mean Girls – lets see which one you have – CLICK HERE.

* If you feel the call to teach and guide other women and girls how to strengthen their self trust and self compassion and self empowerment and how to work with these two inner forces so they can follow their inner wisdom no matter what, and have the wisdom to be with and transform their fear, then consider joining us for The Path of Self Love training & Certificate program. The first module is all about this and it starts September 26th. Join us for the Path of Self Love Training Class =
 CLICK HERE to learn more.

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  • Kathy McDevitt

    Great blog. I have wanted to work with you for a long time, but finances have held me back. Today I decided i will find a way…I have been letting the mean girl rule. You are amazing.

    • Christine Arylo

      kathy – thank you for connecting! and for reaching out – so look forward to continuing to stay connected xoxo

  • Sarah

    I listened to this one again today, so right on point. Such a good reminder that everything in my body is working FOR me, not against. I can trust without needing to control outcomes. Thank you for getting this message out there <3

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