Take a Peace Break: 3 Super Power Practices for Recalibrating Yourself to a Center of Peace

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Feminine Power Time: Take A Break for Peace: 3 Super Power Practices for Recalibrating Yourself to a Center of Peace

I was thinking that we could all use a big boost of peace right about now.

Whether it’s something in your personal life – work, relationship, health or money – disturbing the peace… or you’re being affected by the madness of the media frenzy, election or state of the world, I’ve lit a fire, poured some tea and invite you to tune into this week’s Feminine Power Time. I have 3 super power practices left to us from the ancient sages that I’ve modified for our modern lives that are life savers and peace makers for us internally during intense times like these.

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The power of a Peace Break… just like brushing our teeth, we need these to keep our minds, heart and bodies clean and clear. The yogi’s predicted that these last 15 and the 15 ahead would be a time of chaos, unrest and challenge. Stormy.

LIghtening Catalyze Christine arylo

We are living in a time that can feel a little like living in a series of lightening storms. Sometimes thrilling, sometimes scary, moments of peace between the chaos, and lots of catalyzing happening in our personal lives and across all of humanity. Things are changing because they must. But the change is often anything but peaceful.

So the question becomes, when there is so much “out there” that can disturb the peace inside, what do you do?

How do you stay engaged in the world, be an force for peace and consciousness raising, loving change in your family, work and world, and not get blown over or out by the mass levels of fear, anxiety, blame, control and anger flying around?

Painting by Shiloh Sophia

Painting by Shiloh Sophia


How do you keep the peace inside no matter what is happening on the outside?

Here’s a little bit on what the folks at Belos Cavalos say about the wisdom these horse beings have for us…   

Well, you take some of the simple ancient wisdom that sages have taught for thousands of years – in times of war, unrest and peace – and you apply them to your modern life. When you are living admist a storm, you need spiritual super powers that strengthen you at the core. Doves have long been a symbol of peace. This image is the result of what the artist and my dear friend Shiloh Sophia calls “intentional creativity”. Artists have forever used the power of creativity and symbol to affect change that elevates instead of destroys humanity and connection.
I made you this week’s session of Feminine Power Time “A Break for Peace: 3 Super Power Practices for Re-calibrating Yourself to a Powerful Center of Peace” for you including 3 practices I use myself – and have been using a lot these last few weeks. Whether it’s politics, your personal health and happiness, professional challenges or your relationships adding to the pressure, I have 3 super power pieces of wisdom modified for this time now that will help you weather the storm with more peace.

Peace quote by Christine arylo

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  • Karen

    Love this podcast Christine. Just what I needed. I will shine the peace through the storm. Thank you. xoxoxox

    • Christine Arylo

      Karen – so glad the peace reached yoU!! thank you for letting me know. and yes peace shinging through the storm. with heart xox

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