Horse Wisdom for Super Women: Give Up the Grind. Embrace Your Grace.

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Horse Wisdom for Super Women: Give Up the Grind. Embrace Your Grace

I recently put myself on a 4 day personal vision quest from home, to give me the space to listen more deeply to my heart and to the Divine to get direction and guidance. I often take these super power pauses at this time of the year, a natural time for going inward and accessing more subtle and more profound guidance about one’s soul path. 

On the last day which was all about presence and bringing my presence into it’s most powerful form at this time to do my sacred work and create a life that sustains me, I knew I had to spend time with one of the most present, powerful beings on the planet – the horses.

I knew they had wisdom to open in my heart and body that I could not get to from my mind and I was right.

I groomed the horses. Listened to the horses. Walked a medicine wheel with former polo champion horse. And even painted on a horse – words of what I was releasing and what I was stepping into.

Christine Horse Wisdom Illuminatechristine-horse-wisdom-medicine


It really was like whispering with these horses, as the communication was so subtle in one way but in another so potent and direct.  I calle this one “The Great Mama” because she has had 4 babies, one who still lives with her, in her 8 years. And wow did she give me a big dose of divine feminine wisdom, straight to my heart.


I received some potent pieces of wisdom that I just had to share with you – right from the horses mouth:) In this session of Feminine Power Time, I’ve got a basket of 5 or 6 pieces of wisdom that are keys to how we can:

  • Get out of the grind… think about it, the feminine is so not meant to “grind”
  • Let go of control and all the stress it breeds in us... the great mama horse I worked with reminded me of our feminine super power to “allow” things to come to us vs running around like chickens with our heads cut off to make stuff happen
  • Be powerful presences not through domination, control or pushing but through our “BEING” by mastering the balance of listening and leading … OMG you are going to LOVE this story, and it will take some of that self imposed pressure and stress off your back.

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Simple yet mighty wisdom these magnificent creatures of such presence have to provide us with. I received such a healing and such clarity and guidance. And I am thrilled I can share this with you.

I am fortunate to live in Valley of the Moon in Northern California where we have a very special equine organization called Belos Cavalos, a non profit who works with horses and humans, and who specializes in working with children affected by trauma.

In the 15 years I’ve been teaching self love, I have not met an adult who doesn’t have some version of trauma that has implanted things like fear, shame and stress in their hearts…. that then lead us to the emotional and physical maladies we create oin how we show up in our relationships, work and lives as adults. These horses definitely unleashed my heart. I hope what I learned does some for you too.

belos cavalos horses

Here’s a little bit on what the folks at Belos Cavalos say about the wisdom these horse beings have for us…   

“Our equine partners act as mirrors of our emotions, reflecting our behaviors, attitudes and ideas. Horses are in the moment and they cannot lie. Thus, they recognize and reflect the incongruence between our behavior and emotion, without judgment, revealing our truths.” 




For more on retreats and events you can take with Christine Arylo go to  Christine does personal retreats from Valley of the Moon. 




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