Grace Under Pressure: Beat Stress to Thrive

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Grace Under Pressure: A different way to beat stress and thrive

Trying to “manage” stress is like trying to manage a two year old – it doesn’t work and you will exhaust yourself trying to do it!

In this Feminine Power Time episode, I’ll share some ancient yogic and divine feminine wisdom that I have modified for our modern lives that will give you the super power to change your relationship with stress all together… so you can meet it and beat it to thrive.

Christine Arylo Feminine Power Time Podcast

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After 15 years of trying to live my life based on the traditional knowledge I learned in college, grad school and on the job, I realized that I was missing the WISDOM I needed to thrive. So I spent the next 15 diving deep into ancient wisdom where I did find the deeper answers and solutions I sought.

Including how to navigate the intense stress and pressure so many of us are under – just by the sheer volume of information we consume, things we have to do in a day, things we want to do, and people who want us to do things for them. Lots of overwhelm and feeling stretched thin or in a million different directions.

In school and during my days in corporate america, all the information I received was on “stress management.” And I always thought, why would I want to manage stress? Trying to manage stress is like trying to manage a two year old – it doesn’t work and it’s frustrating and exhausting! I don’t want to manage it, I want to eliminate it… have less of it… transform it… and use it to alert me to what’s out of balance or alignment in my life.

The ancient yogis and sages knew better and more. The Divine Feminine has super power tools for ‘alchemizing’ stress and cultivating a center of grace within so we can withstand and be victorious over the pressure of living in our modern world.


Arylo Sacred Wisdom Quote

I just practiced these super power techniques myself this morning. Noah and I landed in Philadelphia last night, which is a three hour time difference than California. This morning, I got up at 6am ET to take my “Stress Release Shower” (more on this in the podcast) because there was no way I was going to be able to serve and show up for the women in the full moon circle tonight or the weekend retreat at Kripalu otherwise. I would be Grumpy Under Pressure instead of Grace Under Pressure – LOL.

There are no magic pills to release stress in a way that supports us to thrive and strengthen our inner and physical selves on a long term basis, but there are practices, there is wisdom and it’s waiting right here for all of us to try it.

In this Feminine Power Time episode, ‘ll share 3 things to do with stress that actually get you the results you want – which is to be more centered, calm, clear, peaceful, spacious, and graceful no matter what is going on the outside. What I call living as Grace Under Pressure.

Then you go out into your life and put it into practice.  Simple and super powered.  Tune in. You’ll love this!

And if you love this, come join me in person for the Grace Under Pressure Retreat at Kripalu 



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  • Polina

    Hi Christine! Thank you so much for this wonderful podcast episode. How timely it’s coming into my life where lots of stress comes out of uncertainty, fear, shame, social expectations and my own pressure I put on myself about where I should be and what I should be doing. I am starting experimenting with your three-step approach to stress from this full moon and the upcoming autumn equinox, and hopefully, that will get more harmony and balance into my life. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, and I look forward to hearing your story of giving up your house, living like a gypsy and traveling the world. Not only that it sounds so fascinating and appealing, but I am sure there are many things to learn from such an amazing experience for all of us!

    • Christine Arylo

      Polina – thank you love for posting and tuning into Feminine Power Time and for DOING the practices. It’s all about taking this practical wisdom and putting it into use in our lives. And thanks for the nudge, I will for sure do an episode on my dream come true of living and working and loving around the world. xo

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