The Soul Stretch: Are You Being Stretched Past Your Limits?

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The Soul Stretch: Are you being stretched past your limits?


There is no question that we are living in intense and uncertain times where who we’ve been and how we’ve operated will not support us on the path ahead.

About every woman I know who is awake, open-hearted, and desiring to live her greatest life, in alignment with her soul, is being called to her “edge” – personally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

It’s like our souls are beckoning…“Let go of things that no longer fit and leap into the unknown” – in our relationships, jobs, homes, careers, wealth, health, lifestyles, and habits. Anything that stems from false security, diminishes our most true presence or distracts us from our soul path – we either surrender it or we suffer through it.

And it feels scary, uncomfortable and if we are honest,  there are times we’d rather pull the covers over our heads, or quit and just resign ourselves to do something easier.

This is what I call a SOUL STRETCH. You can either lean into the stretch and grow, breakthrough limits and old ways that no longer serve and eventually soar and reach deeper levels of strength and faith and expression. Or well, you can stay stuck, suffer and self sabotage.

And the truth is – during a SOUL STRETCH – you need support. You can’t get through the stretch alone.

So in this Feminine Power Time we talk about how to get the support you need to support you through whatever soul stretch you are in.

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  • Mary Jane Boholst

    Thank you for this episode, Christine! Divinely timed for me as I go through my own stretch in several areas of my life. Thank you for being one of my support system, pulling me through! Much love to you! xo

    • Christine Arylo

      Mary Jane – seeing you stretching with the Divine spotting you – I am honored to be part of your support team and thank YOU for tuning into Feminine Power Time. xo

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