You Are Making A Difference – Feel it & Believe it.

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You are making a difference – really, I know you are. So why is it so hard to FEEL that you are making a difference?

Sure you have moments where you feel it- you see the difference in your kids face, or in a project you’ve completed or in a letter you receive, and you feel it for a moment – but then the moment fades and your mind goes back to all the things you haven’t yet done or become. And so you stress yourself out, pressure yourself to be more, and judge yourself for all you haven’t done. Sigh.

I was feeling like you might be able to use a “You are making a difference” pick me up to shine the light on all you HAVE DONE & BECOME and how that has made a difference in your life and in the lives of others. So that as you go into the next part of the year, you make your choices about how you will focus your life force based on a foundation in which you feel GOOD about who you are and what you are up to – instead of pressured to do and be more.

Self Love Art by Christine Arylo

This episode of Feminine Power Time where the divine feminine came bursting through my heart with a message for us all so that we can stop this self created madness for once and for all of not feeling like we are doing enough, or are making a big enough difference, or thinking that nothing has really changed since we haven’t “manifested” <fill in the blank reality yet>.  We are focusing in the wrong places, asking the wrong questions that keep us trapped in the ‘i am not making a difference’ ‘i am not doing enough’ ‘i am not ‘there’ yet’ reality which ironically keeps you from making the difference only YOU can  make.

When you create your life from this not enough place you create more of you guessed it, not feeling enough – enough money, love, time, energy, accomplishments, etc.

So I invite you to join me for 33 minutes or so for this Feminine Power Time: You are Making a Difference: Feel It & Believe It.

Feminine Power Podcast with Christine Arylo

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In this session of Feminine Power Time we will:

  • Get real about why we feel like we have not done enough or aren’t making a big enough difference more than we do feel like we are – and how that drives us to stress, pressure and suffering.
  • The 4 heart and soul inquiries you want to ask yourself on the 4 major Feminine Super Power Days – Solstices & Equinoxes – so you stay focused on making a difference that is alignment with your heart and soul
  • Why you get ‘Achievers Amnesia’ and forget all you have done
  • Share three super power pause practices you can put into your daily life to start FEELING how much you
  • Invoke a powerful Feminine Presence that you want to cultivate the rest of this year
  • And of course I will lead you on a short but mighty meditation to FEEL who you have become & how you have made a difference so you can create this next part of your year from enoughness instead of lack.


If you haven’t taken your mid year super power pause yet to tune into how to best direct the FLOW of your Life Force on what mattters and what is most supported and ready to thrive, you can join people around the world taking the F.L.O.W. Virtual Retreat – a three part ritual I created to take you through a process that will help you create your focus for this second half of the year in way that yields what you truly desire.

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  • Satin

    Thanks so very much Christine! This was super timely as I recently completed Phase I of an artistic project that was the first of it’s kind at the institution that produced/presented it. I didn’t take adequate time to celebrate it due to the rapid pace and maintaing my day job simultaneously. So I really needed the reminders in this podcast which also helped me to remember why my body has needed so much post project/Summer Soltice. Much Love!

    • Christine Arylo

      Satin – your most welcome!! yes to pausing and really FEELING what you have already done xoxo

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