Do Your Part for Peace: A Call to the Human Heart

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Do Your Part for Peace: A Call to the Human Heart. Special Solstice Power Pause

In a world that at times seems to have gone mad, what can you do? How should you feel? What is your part to creating a world where peace is more present than fear, hate, shame and hurt? You can do much more than you think – just by who you choose to be and what you choose to give your life force to.

These are the questions that have been on my heart and mind the last few days as I have sat deeply in my own feelings of what and how to respond to what is happening in our world that at times can feel so overwhelming.

With a non stop social media and news channels it can be easy to think the problem is out there. But the truth is the separation, the anger, the fear, the blame, the violence is not just out there, it is inside of each of us. In how we treat ourselves, and in every interaction with every person in our lives. As well as in what we choose to give our lifeforce to in the work we do in the world.

I had been intending to create a special Solstice message & meditation for you for weeks now, and have been waiting for the words to come. Solstice is the mid year point, a powerful time to pause to reflect on how life has unfolded since January, and powerful time to use the firey energy of the Sun to catalyze, illuminate and elevate ourselves, our lives and this world.

So from my heart to yours, here it is:

Do Your Part for Peace:

A Call to the Human Heart

source: 13 Moon Mystery School

source: 13 Moon Mystery School


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I invite you into a conversation with me and with your own heart and soul to listen deeply about what your personal part is in elevating the reality of this planet to one of love & peace. While we may sign petitions, or write articles, or give money, which is good, the deeper power is within the changes you make in your own heart, and who and how you show up in the world, and where you choose to focus your precious life force. You can’t find that on Facebook or the news, so join me to turn down the chatter and tune into that powerful heart of yours.

Your heart is much more powerful than you believe and even know. It can change the world.


Committing Love Art as a way to Heal & Free the Heart

love art Love thy neighbor love thyself art

On Tuesday, I found myself almost paralyzed emotionally with how to process the amount of hate, terror, and fear raging through our world. My heart could not process it. In those moments I do what master artist Sue Hoya Sellars called, “Committing Art” and what I have always done to express and release the emotions of my heart, write. Knowing that the only place I could turn was within my own heart and into the depths of my faith in love to pull me through, I wrote this poem, one of forgiveness to the self. 

I share it below with you, to share how to use the power of self-love, to bring peace within, and so without. Feel free to use it yourself. And if art & poetry doesn’t work for your heart, try music or dancing it out. The point being, go through the feelings that scare you to get to the love waiting to guide you. xo

Here is the poem:  (say these to yourself and others at the same time)

 Love thy neighbor as thy love thyself.

For all the times I hated on you, I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you.

For all the times I judged you, criticized you, attacked you with my words, my thoughts, my actions, and perhaps even my fists,
I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

For all the times I forgot that you had feelings, that your heart felt sadness, fear, shame, regret, just as mine…that I forgot that your heart was the same color and made from the same flesh and fiber as mine, no matter the color of my skin, sexual orientation or beliefs about God,
i am sorry, please forgive me, i love you.

For all the times I reacted in anger and frustration and let my feelings hurt and harm you,
that I used power to control, manipulate, scare, and push you,
please forgive me, i am sorry, i love you.

For all the times i pointed my finger as a weapon at you because I could not be
with what is inside of me,
please forgive me, I am sorry, I love you.

For all the times I forgot how loved we are, how held in Gods arms,
in the Great Mother’s embrace, a Divine Child who can only and always be loved,
i am sorry, please forgive me, i love you.

For all the ways I talk about “being one” but act differently,
i am sorry, please forgive me. I love you.

For all the times I rose in love but then fell back asleep, numbed out, chose fear,
i am sorry, please forgive me, i love you.

never underestimate the power of your love
for yourself and for every heart that beats

– Christine Arylo

(inspired by the commandment + the compassion practice of Ho o pono pono + the practice of committing art  + selflove)


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