New Moon Power Pause – Focus Your Life Force On What Matters

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New Moon Power Pause – Focus Your Life Force on What Matters.

Yesterday we started a new moon cycle, which is like a super power “reset” in the feminine. It’s a time to slow down, pause, connect in with your heart & soul, and consider how you would like to spend your life force over the next few weeks.  

Before modern civilization, the internet & lives and jobs that pull us in so many directions, it was totally normal for women to gather on the new moon, connect, tune in, and take a deep breath before moving into action.

Last night, I gathered with a group of friends at my sanctuary in Valley of the Moon… and I felt inspired today to invite you into this powerful mooni-festing energy. We drank wine, cooked together, and shared what our soul’s were calling us towards in our work, relationships & who we wanted to be as women. We also each colored a piece of soul art from this great Soul Touch coloring book to reflect what we are creating, growing and causing in our lives this next cycle. Here’s mine! It’s reflecting a piece of my sacred work to teach others how to teach self-love that I’ve been desiring to birth for some time and will finally be able to bring into form this year (more soon on that!)  

SelfLoveGuide Intention Image

While you can’t be here in the flesh with me today around my teak balinese dining room table, we can still use the power of moonifesting + sisterhood + ritual + art (thanks to this modern internet technology). Here’s a short but mighty power pause you can do from your home tonight or in the next two days. Light a candle. Pour yourself some vino or tea. And have a sit with your heart & soul about where your life force can best flow – so you can focus on what matters, and let the rest go.  



First, feel into this next cycle of the moon/month, which goes from today through July 3rd so you get a sense of the timing, and then tap into your Divine Downline to receive guidance:

1. What is the best place to focus my life force focus in my sacred work / career ? 

2. What relationship is calling for more love & care?

3. What do I need to receive – physically & spiritually – to feel more nourished & cared for? 

4. What one thing – project, to do, appointment, invitation, chore – will I let go of to create more space for myself & what matters?

I invite you to join me at my moonifesting table (I pulled up a chair for you), and have a chat with the Divine & your heart, and then design how you will spend your time, energy, love & money these next 28 days or so in alignment with the guidance you receive.Moonifesting Table Christine Arylo

This month specifically offers you a tremendous amount of feminine power, focus, & clarity if you tap in. We are just about at mid-year, June on the solar calendar, Solstice on the lunar calendar. If we were farmers, we would take stock of our fields and decide what is likely to bring the most abundant harvest so that we can focus our life force & resources on what matters most, so that come the end of the year we are sustained, successful and supported.

While you may not grow crops, you are growing your sacred work, cultivating your life, tending to those you love & to what needs caring for. If you pause, reflect, and get intentional about how you spend your life force this second half of the year you will waste less life force trying to do it all or the wrong things, and instead create a more sustainable, successful, supportive reality for yourself.

I am so grateful we have modern technology that is allowing me to invite you to my home later this June at the mid year point to take a power pause and get clear about how your life force & resources of time, energy, love & money will FLOW.

FLOW with Christine Arylo Summer Solstice Event

>>Come on over & get the invitation. <<

You can join us live on June 18th or take the retreat anytime
(It will all be recorded + there are 10 in person spots open too!)



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