What Gloria Steinem Taught Me About Being A Woman

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I had a question that had been BURNING In my heart and mind for months – well years really – but for MONTHS Gloria Steinem would just pop up in my psyche as if trying to talk to me, until finally I met her and got to ask her the question for real

The question was

Why do we as women today feel the pressure to do, be and have it all – where did this memo come from?

Her answer, shocking but not surprising —
After you watch the video, I invite you to join me for my response to Gloria’s answer.
For the past six years I have dedicated my life to women and girls and creating the world I know we deserve.
My conversation with Gloria fired me up about a gazillion notches – to take
even more action.

And you my friend are invited… to join me and my friends and some really spectacular women to….

Begin a revolution

By gathering the women

For real, honest and deepening conversations

Each month, once a month

On a matter that affects us all as women, mothers, and daughters

One that could make real shift – if we all knew about it, and had one simple action to take

What if…

We harnessed the power of our collective voices

Used the power of technology and the feminine web

If Tele-calls, Facebook, Twitter can be used to share our lives and great works

Certainly they can be used to band women together,

And create real shift in ways that really matter

Just by taking one small but mighty action at a time.

Because we know when women come together, shift happens.

To join us for these revolutionary call and actions – go here — see you in the revolution!
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