The Practice Cyclical Living

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Feminine Power Time #195:
The Practice Cyclical Living
(#2 of 3 in the Embracing Your Co-Creative Power Series)

The Practice of Cyclical Living is working with the natural cycles of how the earth and the universe – and therefore us as humans (who are part of the natural world) – thrive, create and operate best.

The wisdom is simple:

When you harmonize yourself to the natural cycles – day, week, month and year – everything in your life (which includes career, money, relationships, work, health, wealth, practice, business, etc) comes into more alignment and harmony.

It’s not a pancea promising some kind of nirvana living with no stretch, stress, struggle or uncertainty. Cyclical living is the HOW we stay centered, sustained, supported and in alignment with our unique design, part and path. It’s a practice for reducing anxiety and overwhelm, strengthening trust and intuition, making wise choices, exiting the burnout matrix, and gaining the power to see what is real and true.

For me, understanding and practicing cyclical living as how I lead my business, advise my leadership clients, bring my dreams and intentions into form, and create a life and work style that sustains me, is an essential practice. For visioning, planning, pathing, and creating sustainable success.

There is so much to share about this practice – because it goes counter to what our culture teaches us is right and real (and keeps us stuck in the go go go, tick tock robot, never enough scarcity striving reality).

Which is why, #2 of 3 in our Embracing Your Co-Creative Power Series is focused on this single practice: The Practice Cyclical Living.

Tune in and we’ll:

  • Explore the Meta reality between time and space, cycles and routine
  • Break down cylical living to the practical way you design your days, weeks, months and year
  • Illuminate some ways the lack of trust in cyclical living creates a culture that values exponential growth and accumulation over what truly supports the planet and people to thrive.
  • Apply these principles to the next 3 months – to create focus and fluidity for you.

We’ll also be using the Overwhelmed and Over It: Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered and Sustained book – if you have yours, bring it. If you don’t have it yet – get your copy here.

See you there!

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1. What is calling for your focus this “Kiva Time” – Nov 1 – Feb 1? Or these next 3 months?

2. What will truly nourish and nurture you at a heart level this next cycle?



The Practice Cyclical Living

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