Riding the Emotional Waves: Work With Your Feelings to Reveal Wisdom, Power & Healing #122 (Series #2 of 4)

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Riding the Emotional Waves: Work With Your Feelings to Reveal Wisdom, Power & Healing

Series: #2 of 4: Harmonize to Rise Series

Feminine Power Time Episode #122

Have you been feeling any of the emotional waves? In yourself, where emotions like anxiety flutter or flow through your heart? Or emotions like frustration and anger come welling and firing up and out?

How about in others? Noticed or picked up other people’s fear, frustration or feelings and not known what to do with it? Or found yourself feeling deep grief where you just have to sit down and cry or go to sleep – that’s you falling into the waves of the collective emotions.

In the reality that we are moving through you should expect your emotions to rise up … you just don’t want to let them run you. You should expect other people’s energy to try to stir up and muck up your own …. but you don’t want to bite at the invitation, or get your emotional field meshed up with theirs.

And you should expect you are going to have days, hours where it’s all just too much, and you need to release the energy of the collective your feeling.

But how to you BE with your emotions, without being run by them?

How do you be present with others without taking on their stuff?

How do you stay informed without being infected, by the ENERGY of fear that is the bigger danger that can take hold?

How can you work with this energy to support your personal transformation and elevation?

That’s what we will dive into in this episode…


In this Feminine Power Time #122:

Riding the Emotional Waves: Work With Your Feelings to Reveal Wisdom, Power & Healing

Series #2 of 4: Harmonize to Rise Series

This global catalyst that is affecting every human on the planet isn’t something to get over, or wait out … it is a powerful force you and I can work with, if you wake up to where your power is, where your fear is (YOUR HEART)… and then take the steps to be with what’s within you… so you can heal it, release what you no longer need (harmonize) … and then rise up and through the possibility at catalyst of this magnitude offers us.

During intense times in which our emotions can get stirred up like big wave, you want to have the self awareness and skills to stay on your surfboard, know when to stand and when to just lay down, and what to do when you fall off your center and into the emotional swirl so you can get back on.

Some of what we’ll dive into today:

  1. What love cracks and over culture imprints may be unconsciously driving your emotions and thoughts
  2. Is your mind or your heart your power center? Which do you know better and trust?
  3. Discern between YOUR emotions and the emotions of others or the collective – so you only work with yours
  4. Don’t miss this opportunity to release and heal the heart and soul parts within yourself that have kept you small, striving, driving, trying to succeed in the over culture, martyring yourself or too busy to realize you aren’t living in alignment

And then embrace your power GO DEEPER and find the wisdom your heart and body have for you.

Then instead of setting up camp in a new normal that is only 5% better or running back to all the ways your life wasn’t working in harmony before… you will have insight and super power to expand beyond what your mind can see, to step into the reality your heart and soul knows is possible.

See you there!

Note the fierce feminine came flowing through at the end … so make sure to listen all the way through.

With great heart,


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