Ep 89: PRESENCE: Women with a Voice: Re-Imagining Feminine Power #2 of 3 with Alexia Vernon

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PRESENCE: Women with a Voice

Feminine Power Time Episode #89 with guest Alexia Vernon
Re-Imagining Feminine Power #2 of 3

Women with a Voice. What does embodied power look, sound and feel like in a woman who is expressing as her whole and true self?

What does it look, feel and sound like in you?

In your presence?

In your voice, spoken or written?

In how you are received and perceived by others?

How do you access your truth, your voice and use it to amplify your visibility, influence, and presence in the world… in a way that is true to your expression, your authentic self?

All good questions… and ones we need to be asking ourselves because…

The models for what power looks like in a person, what it sounds like, what people respond to, are distorted.

So we as women and the women before us have to distort and contort ourselves to get a seat at the table, be taken seriously, have our voices heard, or take on the qualities of men or intellectual machines without heart.

That time is over.

No more contorting, distorting our presence to fit in.

And also no more having to scream to be heard, be serious to be taken seriously, and suppressing our femininity in how we dress, speak and show up.

Today I invite you to explore within yourself the ways in which if you knew how to more powerfully wield your voice and presence, you would create more of the reality you desire for yourself, the world and what matters to you.

Reimagining Feminine Power – Women with a VOICE

Whether that is in your relationships, your career,
your message, your business,
HOW you show up and the presence you are in it,
matters big time.

Which is today, in this episode of Feminine Power Time, PRESENCE: Women with a Voice, #2 of 3 in our Re-Imagining Feminine Power series, I invite you to join me, Christine Arylo, women’s leadership advisor and catalyst, and special guest Alexia Vernon, author of Step into Your Moxie, for a session that will touch your heart, open your voice, and inspire you to expand in your expression in this world this year.

Here is what we will dive into REIMAGINING Women with a Voice – Your Presence!

  • The history of what women have had to do to be heard or be taken seriously – thank you so much! And it’s our turn to do it differently.
  • Why women are not taken seriously or heard – and men are often listened to over women
  • Revealing what you do when you feel confident or insecure when speaking – are you a bunny, a bull, a cheetah or a owl? And how you may be sabotaging yourself?
  • Reclaim what leadership is – and why we must do this as women to have the influence we desire in the world.
  • How to have your full range of emotion and also be a powerful catalyst for change and elevation not more separation
  • Difference between trying to BE something, and being who you are – and how to tell the difference

And we’ll ask some heart provoking questions that will empower you to be more powerful and true in your expression

  1. Is what you look like on the outside reflecting who you are on the inside?
  2. What happens when you move from your focus from trying to inform and get other people to understand and to shifting to focusing on connection?
  3. Where does your feminine power and voice live in your body?
  4. How do you find and express your natural communication super power?

It’s going to be an empowering conversation.

Women with a Voice


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Here are some of the wisdom bytes from the show followed by how to connect with Alexia, including her book Step into Your Moxie – and also upcoming retreats with Christine Arylo.


  •  Leadership is not bestowed vs. leadership is embodied and chosen. 

  • Embrace your leadership power, do not try to “own” your power.
  • Confidence comes from stopping to grip your body and let your body do what it knows how to do to connect with others and move the energy. It intuitively knows when to stay still, we know when to move.
  • Your power comes from your presence, not your position.
  • If you know what your core essences are, then you can be who you are truly are.
  • If you don’t know who you are in your core, you will contort yourself to fit in.
  • As women who want to have more impact in the world. we have to harness our storytelling power
  • We are being called to speak more clearly, authentically to be a vessel for the divine to come through.
  • Speak from compassion without censoring what you have to say. 


What are you going to embody more of this year to more powerfully express your presence and voice?



Get Alexia Vernon’s Book – great wisdom, fun, stories, and potent power.
Practical, playful and powerful

Step Into Your Moxie: Amplify your voice and visibility and influence in the world.


Website: www.Alexiavernon.com

Social: @alexiavernon.com

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