Ep 75: Thank YOU for Making A Difference: Receive The Impact You’ve Had – Feminine Power Time

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Feminine Power Time Ep 75:
THANK YOU for Making A Difference:
Take a Pause to Receive the Impact You’ve Had

This Feminine Power Time is a big boost of gratitude and love from my heart to yours.

I invite you  to take a pause to SEE and FEEL the impact you are making in this world. 

You are making a difference.

I know you ARE making a difference.

But do you FEEL the difference you have made? Really?

Yes, there is more to do. Many days you feel like you aren’t doing enough. But the underlying truth is that you are making a BIG difference. You just aren’t receiving the truth of what a difference you are making. 

We are more powerful and less overwhelmed as women in our careers and relationships when we can see and feel the difference we are making. #femininepower 

you are making a difference


Yet, few of us every truly slow down long enough to see the impact we are making in the lives of others, the world and in our own lives.

As a result, we keep pushing, striving and driving, which leads to the overwhelm and burnout we feel.

Women often feel like we should be doing more because we aren’t acknowledging or receiving the impact we are making. #youmatter

I know there is a lot you could be doing and you might think you don’t have time to really receive what you’ve done.

But woman to woman, I invite you to consider a different way of living, the feminine wisdom way. The antidote to overwhelm, exhuastion and self-sacrifice. 

When we are rooted in our feminine wisdom, we know it’s essential to slow down to SEE and FEEL the impact we have as part of the way we complete a year.

When we pause to see the impact, we regenerate and refuel our passion, love and commitment to creating a better world, without sacrificing ourselves.


you are making a diffference heart art from self love coloring journal

(Heart Art from The Self Love Coloring Journal and Book) 

Join Christine Arylo, feminine leadership advisor, women’s empowerment coach and MBA, for this episode of:

Feminine Power Time:
THANK YOU for Making A Difference: Take a Pause to Receive the Impact You’ve Had

where we will:

  • Get real about why we as women rarely feel like we are doing enough – and often feel like we should be doing more
  • Explore how to be with all the needs in the world that do need our life force and resources AND not feel like we have to drain ourselves to make the difference we desire
  • Take a power pause to FEEL and SEE the difference you have made this year – in other’s people’s lives and the world
  • Reveal how you have made a difference in your own life and why it’s essential for you to be proud and unapologetic about it – this is self-love
  • Use the power of a day focused on gratitude – thanksgiving – which has both shadow and light in it, to support us to be with the challenges of the world and also see the beauty of humankind happening at the same time

feminine power time with christine arylo



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One of the practices that will really get this into your heart and head so you can FEEL the impact you have made is to write this in your journal.

Keeping a yearly Wisdom Journal that captures the wisdom you gain and tracks the path and progress you make in your desires, intentions and dreams is an essential practice for staying focused, centered and energized. Here are the 3 Wisdom Inquiries to put in your journal…

  1.  Whose life have I made a difference in this year? (consider this both professionally and personally)
  2.  How have I made a difference in my life?
  3. How have my choices and my presence made an impact in creating a better world?





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