POWER PAUSE: Get Clear on How to Complete Your Year Strong … 4 Super Powered Inquiries

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POWER PAUSE: Get Clear On How to Complete Your Year Strong – 4 Super Powered Inquiries 

How you choose to focus your life force these next several weeks
as  you complete the year
will make a huge impact on
how you start and live the coming year.

Wisdom guides us to take a “power pause” and get conscious and clear
about where to focus our time, energy and resources the next  7 weeks.
I’m here today to share  4 inquiries to help you find that focus & clarity.
And complete this year feeling strong.
Resilient. Radiant. Regnerated.
Ready to be an even more powerful force of
grace, wisdom & love in this world this coming year.


When you pause in November to get clear about how you COULD spend your energy, time and resources and then mindfully choose where to focus in your work, relationships, and personal health … you are so much more likely to end the year feeling good about your choices, and so start the year ready and regenerated for what is to come.

This practice is called POWER PAUSING. Wise leaders do it 4-8 times a year at key points that harmonize us with the natural cycles. 

Specifically we do it in November so we don’t get caught up in the swirl of the holiday madness and consumption, but instead make space for what matters.

In this power pause, Christine Arylo, women’s leadership advisor:

  • Teaches you about power pauses – why they work and how they support us as leaders, esp during intense times
  • Gives you 4 inquiries to ask yourself that you can apply to your work, relationships and personal health to create the space to complete what matters most to you by the end of the year
  • Shares how to stop the holiday time patterns and rituals that drain you and create new ones that sustain you
  • Shares how to use these wisdom tools to create deeper connection with your partner, team, friends and yourself.



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Here’s the Wisdom Inquiries I shared – make sure to hang out with your inner wisdom and get good guidance on where to focus:

  1.  What would you LOVE to bloom come Spring of next year? And so then what is needed to create space for now?
  2. What would you love to complete by the end of the year? In your work? In your personal foundation:  health? home? wealth?
  3. What holiday/end of the year things drain you? Stop those!  What holiday things sustain you? Do those. What new rituals and patterns can you create to honor what you need?
  4. What are your 3 Harmonizing words? How you desire to feel when you wake up on Jan 1. These will be your north star for decision making the rest of the year.




Save the date for the annual Year End Power Pause, Reflection Ritual with Christine Arylo
Dec 17th 3pm PT – come live to Sonoma, CA or attend via livestream


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  • Amy E Gordon

    I appreciate your Power Pause. I was inspired to reach out. I am organizing an online masters series entitled : Power in Partnership : Relationship Skills to be your Best Self. The vision is to create an event for couples that helps them build stronger relationships so they feel more connected and families thrive. I think your understanding of feminine superpower would be a perfect fit for our audience.

    The event will be prerecorded to make it easy for you, and we will go live February 12, 2018. The promo zone is January 27- February 10. We are in the process of inviting collaborative partners and I believe your presence would make a huge difference. Plus I am interviewing folks for 33 minutes (like your Power Pause!) Please let me know if you would like more information.


    Amy Elizabeth Gordon MA
    Integrated Life Coach
    Clear you mind
    Open your heart
    Rekindle your spirit

  • Marilyn duBois

    Wow! I really loved this! So many supportive ideas for creating new & much needed end of year joy! Thank you so much – I value your offering! Hope to participate in Dec. 17th ritual!

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