Men & Women In Partnership – What is Up?

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Men & Women In Partnership: What is Up?

Role Fatigue, Power Struggles, & Finding a New Dynamic that Works for Both… let’s dive into this…

On the eve of my 12th wedding anniversary, I invited my life partner Noah Martin to join us for an intimate, real and illuminating conversation on what the heck is going on in the dynamics between women and men who are in partnership?

I’ve been talking with so many of the women I work with and hearing the same things…  

  • Strong women exhausted from being the major money maker or care taker and tired of holding this role, but don’t see another way
  • Men who are good men but who can’t seem to find their path and purpose or drive, or men who are driven but can’t open up emotionally
  • So many men who seem isolated, and are trying to figure it out without the support and brotherhood they need (and failing) – and their partners who are tired of trying to support them to get support.
  • Couples where both people aren’t totally happy with their ‘roles’ but don’t know how to get out of them and create a new reality for their partnership
  •  Single women who desire partnership but can’t seem to find a ‘good man’ who is open to growing with them spiritually, together, and also has his sovereignty in tact.

So what do we do? How do we make shift happen, together? What is the ‘new’ way for men and women to be in relationship and partnership in ways that allow both people to thrive?

In this episode of Feminine Power Time, Noah and I, Christine Arylo. sat at our kitchen table – a table made from a temple door from Indonesia – and opened the portal to share our experience in the way these same dynamics play out for us, what we have learned, how we have continued to create a partnership where we both can thrive, and some insight into why the way we are in relationship is calling for an upgrade and new ways.




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 We believe the couples where both people are sovereign and clear on their heart and soul desires individually are the strongest ones. Then the two wholes can come together to create something stronger.

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