Complete Your Year the Wise Woman Way: Feminine Wisdom for Sustaining Instead of Draining Yourself this Holiday Season

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Complete Your Year the Wise Woman Way: Feminine Wisdom for Sustaining Instead of Draining Yourself this Holiday Season

It’s way too easy to get caught up in the collective holiday madness and frenzy that is pulling you to do too many things that lead to over spending, eating, scheduling, doing and working. Even if they are things you WANT to do… or feel like you SHOULD do. The collective is speeding up and spending lots of energy, money and time outside while the natural world is slowing down and going within.

There is a different way … that allows you to BOTH enjoy the joy, peace, connection of the holiday season AND replenish, restore and focus your life force on what matters most to you, so that come the new year, you will feel FULL of vitality and energy, balanced inside, having not overspent your energy or money, or overindulged in ways that make you feel like you have to workout every day for three months come January.

Christine Arylo Feminine Wisdom Quote

Wise woman employ some very specific ‘feminine super powers’ that:

  • attune you to the natural cycle…
  • help you gain the wisdom from the year that’s been…
  • focus your life force and resources… s
  • ay yes to what is sustaining and no to what’s draining…
  • and put some energy towards the new year for the projects and things you hope to grow.

Christine Arylo Feminine Power Time Podcast

Tune into this episode of Feminine Power Time with me, Christine Arylo and I will share some of the feminine wisdom that will keep you connected to what sustains and nourishes you this season, and set the seeds for what’s to come in the new year.

GO here to tune in and subscribe on ITUNES.

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And after you tune in, I’d LOVE to hear your response to the Super Power Practice I share with you at the end of the episode that guides you to get conscious and intentional about how you want to FEEL come Jan 1st – using our Feminine Super Power of Weaving to set intentions in the future that guide and support us to make more aligned, supportive decisions in the now. Post your 3 Super Power words here

And then MARK YOUR CALENDAR for a Sacred Date with your Heart, Soul, inner Wise Woman and me! Dec 18th, 10am PT | 1 Pm ET

Arylo Super Power Reflection Ritual

You are invited to a Super Power Reflection Ritual to complete your year powerfully and peacefully. I’ve done it the last 10 years and it’s made such a difference in creating more harmony, inner peace, clarity and focus. My gift to you – live broadcast from my heart and home to yours…

GO here to RSVP, my  year end gift to you … 

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  • Karen

    Excellent podcast! An amazing way to start the month of Dec. Thank you. Working on my three words.

    • Christine Arylo

      Karen – thanks for the reflection – so happy the wisdom reached you – and may your Harmonizing three words support you to make choices that honor your heart and soul this month. xo

  • Naomi

    Perfect! I must share with my peeps. Thank you, Christine.

    • Christine Arylo

      Your most welcome Naomi – thanks for sharing the wisdom! xoxo

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