Are You OVER Giving? 9 ways you over give and deplete yourself

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Feminine Power Time: Are You Over Giving? – tune in to your heart & soul and let’s find out

This week for Feminine Power Time, I felt inspired and compelled to deepen a conversation that too often stays on the surface. We all talk about self-care, admit we feel stretched and overwhelmed, try to do better, but never seem to make lasting shifts that change the reality of our lives from ones that feel barely manageable to ones that feel sustained and supported.

What we aren’t talking about is the ROOTS of where this stems, of which there are many. And just like a garden with weeds, if you don’t pull it out from the root, it just keeps coming back. One of these roots that leads to the overwhelm & burnout is Over Giving.

Over giving is giving more energy, time, money, resources, effort, life force to people, projects & passions than is needed, and as a result depleting yourself.

I never even knew I did it until I realized the signs & the 9 types of over giving, including over-promising, over-working, over-compensating. I just thought it was normal, that I was being a good friend/worker/leader/person, when in reality I was operating like a bank that gave out withdrawls but didn’t take in enough deposits and as a result, wasn’t getting what I needed.

This week’s Feminine Power Time – Are You Over Giving – is a invitation to slow down and take a self inventory of how you may be OVER giving to the people and the projects/passions in your life, spending more life force and resources than needed.

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 In this Feminine Power Time: 

  • You’ll learn the signs of over giving
  • Learn the 9 types of over-giving – including over promising, over working, over compensating – so you can identify your OVER
  • Get a super power tool for to bring  your giving & receiving equation into balance.
  • Explore the deeper roots of why you feel compelled to give more than you really have to… this is way deeper than just good self-care.
  • Receive a short but mighty feminine power meditation to see where you are over-giving in your life right now, and then I’ll share a super power practice for restoring balance in your personal relationships and work life.

And if you are ready to kick the over giving habit for good, try the 40-Day Burnout to Balance super power practice with me. In the 40-days you identify your major OVER and then using the power of a 40 day practice – which yogis and brain scientists agree if you do anything for 40 days you can break a habit –  you will gain insight, tools and shift at the root levels to create new patterns and rhythms and choices that sustain you instead of drain you.

>> Go here to learn more about the 40-Day Burnout to Balance Practice. 

a 40 day super power practice burn out to balance


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  • Karen

    Interesting — when I went to put out my left hand and my right hand — my right hand was further out — symbolically giving more then receiving. Need to work on keeping these in balance for sure! Thank you for that physical confirmation.

    • Christine Arylo

      Great notice Karen!! yes, like most women, easier to give than receive. :))

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