Summer Solstice Meditation & Ritual – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Mid Year

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Summer Solstice is way more than just the longest day of the year. It is one of the 8 power points of the year – which I call “Feminine Super Power Days” (Feminine because it’s connected to Mother Earth and her natural cycles, Super Power because if you tap into and know how to use these time periods you can receive more energy, abundance and happiness, Days because unlike regular holy-days, which are only one day, the energy for these super power days lasts about three days.

It’s a powerful time to…

…pause, connect in to your divine downline and make sure the direction you are headed this year is where you want to actually go.

…check in with yourself and how you are spending your time and resources so you put them towards what matters most.

…recognize and receive your successes (or else you just keep overworking and overgiving because you don’t feel the results of your efforts and energy.)

I put this all into a Solstice Ritual – like your own personal Solstice Meditation and visualization – for you in this video, along with a set of 5 inquiries that will help you use the power of this time and make sure that you set yourself up to have a year that you can feel really great about.

Here are the inquiries – think of them like portals into the future that set the path for you to create a year that creates happiness, joy, success, abundance and well being for YOU!  5 questions to ask yourself mid year.

Remember Solstice is all about LIGHT… so just like these hot air balloons that I saw light up at 5am this morning, a metaphor for Christine and Noah balloon adventure each of us lighting up our heart and soul, to fly and soar in our lives and to have a life that is like a grand adventure that takes us on journeys that bring us so much joy and love, let’s shine a light on your life and light up your heart and soul!

For the most power write these down on paper where you can see them. Or speak them out loud with a friend or your partner. The process of writing or speaking takes it out of the mental and into the physical, making it get into your cells and FEEL real

1. Shine a light on where you’ve been already this year…

* Celebrate your successes already this year. Name at least 3 successes you’ve had, or things you have completed or accomplished.

2. Shine a light on where you are now…

* What is one thing that is weighing you down? Could be a relationship, a disappointment, self judgment, blame, fear of something? Instead of rising like a hot air balloon, this sandbag is keeping you from flying. Name this, feel it and choose to Release it!

* Then flip the switch… what are you GRATEFUL for right now? Really feel into what you are grateful for, what you do have. Gratitude is like the hot air that fills up the balloon, allowing it to soar. Name at least three things you are grateful for.

3. Shine a light on where you are going July through December…

* Imagine the rest of this year is like a hot air balloon ride, your personal adventure of life – how do you want to FEEL the rest of this year. Choose 1 to 3 words.

* What projects, people, places do you choose to put your life force energy? You can’t do everything or you will exhaust yourself and your resources. So choose 1-4 things you will focus your life force on.

If you are in a partnership or can find a friend to share this with, I highly recommend doing this ritual together – it can be fun and it’s also so powerful to share your heart and soul with another person.

It is so easy to end up out of alignment with what your heart and soul truly desires. May this meditation and ritual keep you on the path the lights you up and feeds your soul.

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