Uncertain, unclear or unsure? A feminine super power to avoid freaking out when you don’t know

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Watch this video to avoid freaking out or feeling like you have to figure it out when you are feeling uncertain, unsure or unclear … tap into your Feminine Super Power of Surrender.

I’ve been hearing a common theme among the women I’ve been talking to, leading in retreats and sitting in circle with that may be affecting you too – and not in a good way. Unchecked, it can create a lot of stress and fear, and as a result cause you to waste a lot of your energy and time on things you actually have no control over.

I call it the “I DON’T KNOW OBSESSION”

This is what happens to you when you keep saying or thinking “I don’t know…” about some part of your life that you REALLY want to know the ‘answer’ or ‘outcome’ of. This could be about your relationships, about money, about your career, about housing, about an opportunity or desire…

But no matter how much you think about it, talk about it, search the internet for it, you know OBSESS about it, the answer isn’t clear or the thing doesn’t appear.

And so you spend a ton of energy in fear about it, worried, judging yourself, trying hard to make it happen, precious brain power and heart power that could be used to focus on what you do know, making space for that thing you don’t know to come in right, divine timing.

The truth about not knowing is that it happens to us all.

It’s how you handle times of uncertainty that makes the difference between suffering your way through, or moving through with grace.

Can you be with the mystery and dance in it’s magic?

Or are you gripping for dear life, so caught up in your head or triggered in fear that you miss the truth that you’ve been held through this experience all along by Divine Love, who has been trying to guide you in the direction that will support your heart and soul?

We are so funny as humans! We always want to know the answer, have the sure thing, as if anything at all is really “sure.”

To master life and reduce our suffering and our stress I believe we each need to, get to practice what I’ve Christine arylo quotecome to call the Feminine Super Power of Surrender.

When you know how to access and wield this super power, during times of uncertainty and lack of clarity, you stop wasting time and energy on what you don’t know, so you can focus on what you do. And then the miracle of the divine can come in, settle your fear, you begin to feel better about where you are, you breathe more deeply, and sometimes if you really sink it, you can actually feel the truth of how divinely guided you actually are. That is grace. AHHH.

Watch the video I taped for you which includes a short but mighty feminine super powered Surrender practice that will help you settle down the I Don’t Know Obsession and set you free to focus on what you do, be present, alleviate suffering and dance through your life with more grace.

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