Stop Hiding … Reveal You Soul & Shine Your Full Light

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Watch the video, where I reveal a part of my soul, and then dare to spiritually and physically reveal more of your soul!

What parts of you have you been hiding & dimming down… and more importantly, what part is ready to reveal itself & shine??

Even I – who is super expressed in many ways – have parts I’ve been hiding. And today on this day of Easter, I invite you to step out of the cave with me … Will you step into the light and share at least one part you’ve been hiding? Because regardless of religion, this is a powerful spiritual time that gives you super powers to embrace and shine the light of your soul more brightly than ever before.

For you maybe it’s the singer in you that you’ve been keeping under wraps or only showing in small ways? Or the writer? the dancer? the speaker? the healer? the teacher? the artist? or maybe it’s a side of you like the playful you… the bold audacious you… the vulnerable you? Or maybe you’ve been hiding just how smart, beautiful, eccentric or “different” you are?

What part of you are you keeping under wraps and will you release the cover and step boldly forward to Be who you are – more fully, more freely, more publicly, even if it’s scary?

I’ll even go first!

Okay here goes… Today on this blessed day of resurrecting the light of our souls to shine more brightly on the planet I would love to share with you my new virtual altar to the world – also known as my new Christine Arylo website



I call it an altar (inspired by my bff artist Shiloh Sophia) because it is a literal reflection of what my soul came here to express – all of me — the writer, the speaker, the inspirational catalyst, the queen of self-love, the mba, the recovering achievement junkie, the spiritual teacher, the artist AND the priestess. Yes I said priestess… hmmm what is that? Well watch the video and see my spiritual reveal… my virtual face lift!

The truth is that the world needs your light – and heck yeah shining your light brighter feels scary… did you think it wouldn’t? Well readjust your expectations then! When I came out as the Queen of Self-Love 7 years ago I was shaking in my boots thinking people would call me the weird hippy dippy self love lady, and some did. But so what. They didn’t get it. But millions of others did and do get that self-love is a cornerstone of everything, and I’ve touched their live – maybe I even touched yours – because I was willing to shine as the Queen of Self-Love. So yes, it’s scary to reveal these bright soul parts of yourself but it’s the only way to true freedom.

The only way to move through the fear of revealing your full self is to pull off your veil of invisibility and LET THE WORLD SEE THIS PART OF YOU.

Now it’s your turn…

My divine feminine priestess self is full out with the Self Love lady… for all to see – now it’s your turn!

What part of will you bring out into the light to fully express? And what ONE small but mighty step will you take to shine??

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  • Judy

    At times I have felt pressured by others to do certain things in certain ways and at certain times. The “new me” will do things the way I want when I want with no need to apologize for it (no need to apologize to SELF or to other!) YEA!

  • Grateful

    This is a wonderful way to understand and celebrate the real message of the Resurrection at Easter that is non-religious and non-denominational and open for everyone. The message is that there is no death – the resurrection revealed instead the death of the EGO (identification with form/the physical body) which releases our true eternal life, our divine light/spirit of God in all of us, into the world.

    What is interesting are the number of ‘recovering’ or ‘former’ Catholics who transcended Catholicism to spread this Truth through their own non-religious/non-denominational/non-doctrinal and non-institution writings and work: Neale Donald Walsch, Eckart Tolle, John Edwards, Sonia Choquette, Mary Anne Winkowski and others.

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