Are You Starting Your Day Trashing Your Temple?

The other day I was talking with one of my long-time clients… a fellow recovering achievement junkie like myself, who was totally stoked about the new job he landed recently – a [...]


OMG! I’ve Been Scheduling My Body Out of My Life!

Only a week into the My Body is My Temple self-love practice I’ve come upon the most disturbing realization…. I’ve been scheduling my body out of my life for years. No wonder I [...]

My Temple Wants New Underwear!

I have always been a big believer that how you feel on the inside is how you feel on the outside. And when it when it comes to my spirit and soul – I get an A+. 9 years of personal [...]


Trading 40-Days of Sacrifice for 40-Days of Self-Love

Trading 40-Days of Sacrifice for 40-Days of Self-Love! I had a revelation today on Lent that has nothing to do with religion, but has everything to do with using the power of the universe, or as [...]