My Temple Wants New Underwear!

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I have always been a big believer that how you feel on the inside is how you feel on the outside. And when it when it comes to my spirit and soul – I get an A+. 9 years of personal exploration, a daily practice and a lifetime commitment to being connected to and serving a source much bigger than I. The core of my being, my spirit and soul feel pretty good.

However, when I go from the spirit/soul level to the inside of my physical and very human body, my grade slips because I do really love red wine and cheese. But I still give myself a solid B… and getting better every day as my body becomes my temple over these next 40 days.

But now let’s go two layers out -past the epidermal layer to the layer that sits on top of it… my underwear, and Houston we currently have a problem!

I have always believed that feeling good from the inside out included how the clothes under my clothes felt. Old and comfy grandma-like underwear… feel old, comfy and tired. Mismatched or uncomfortable bras and panties… not operating or looking my best on the outside. And we won’t even mention the ones who’ve become faded, holey, or a relic from history.

Think about it… when you put on your best underwear or your super fun panties don’t you feel fabulous?

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Picture 17.png
And when you put those, let’s just call them ‘other’ underwear, do you feel any kind of good at all?

Yesterday, I found myself looking through my underwear drawer noticing that my supply had dwindled to two pairs of ‘feel good and sexy,’ three pairs of ‘fun and free’ and many pairs of ‘other.’ Which I might not have noticed, had I not been getting dressed to go to an appointment with my personal stylist at Nordstrom’s. I thought that I had chose a cross between feel good and fun undergarment, up until I found myself in the Nordstrom’s dressing room removing my jeans and shirt to slip on a designer dress, and to my complete horror… I discover I have a hole in my panties! Ahh!!!

Not big, not even that noticeable, but a hole in my panties. The panties on my temple! And my temple says to me, in the most loving voice (quietly so no one else could hear thank goodness), “Really Christine, this is an unacceptable adornment for a temple… and for you. Where is the self-love? I am calling for an Underwear Revolution!


The Underwear Revolution…

on search for fun, super-powered panties.

After successfully finding and buying the cutest black and white spring dress, I beelined myself to the lingerie department. What I quickly realized is that I had just walked into a huge jungle of underwear! Trees and tress of panties, bushes of bras, and the occasional tiger striped slip lurking in the distance. I was overwhelmed!

Nylon. Cotton. Rayon blend. G-string. Boy short. Full panty. Lace. Bows. Seamless. White. Bright Pink. Multi-colored. And I won’t even get into the bushels of bras! All I wanted was some fun, super-powered panties and now I found myself feeling like I used to feel when I would go to buy wine… staring at the rows and rows of bottles, feeling rather uneducated, not wanting to make a mistake, and ultimately just closing my eyes, trusting my intuition and hoping for the best!

Something in my intuition said not to approach buying my fun super-powered panties this way… that it would pay to take some time to make choices that would make MY temple happy, which may or may not be the same for another woman.

I didn’t buy a single pair of panties that day… but I did come up with some rules about what my temple wants from the fabric that sits between her skin and the clothing the world sees. I am going to sit with these proclamations… do a little more research… and then when I am ready, wave the flag to start the Underwear Revolution.

Proclamations for the Underwear Revolution
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  1. My temple wants to breathe – she doesn’t want to be suffocated.
  2. My temple wants to feel super-powerful – not like she is wearing a diaper.
  3. My temple wants to be fun and free – not dowdy and constricted
  4. My temple doesn’t like things crawling into crevices they don’t belong – she likes things in their right place, that feel good.
  5. My temple wants to have choices about how she wants to feel on any given day – sassy, super powered, fun, sensitive, sexy, sporty, free.
  6. My temple wants to be adorned with beauty, always, and appreciates the care and self-love I put into every piece of fabric I put on her, as much as she appreciates every morsel of food I put in her.

I am SO enjoying the conversation I am having with my temple about our Underwear Revolution. And it feels so much better than the way I would have approached this before: Picked a few underwear from the rack, not paid attention to the $$, hoped for the best when I got home, and probably been half happy and half disappointed… ultimately creating guilt for spending too much money, stress from not knowing the right decision to make, and judgment about how I should know better to repeat this not self-loving pattern.

It’s only Day 4 of the My Body is My Temple Self-Love practice, and all ready I have more self love! Who would have thought you could get that from a pair of underwear!!

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  • Bren

    I’ve always been a ‘practical panty’ type of gal. However, after reading about your revolt and thinking of what I currently wear (I had to take a quick look), I have decided that I too feel somehow better and more free when I’m wearing a style, color, or just a little more sassy type of underwear. This weekend it’s clean out the underwear drawer and get a little impractical.

  • lynn

    You are so funny! The whole idea of adorning my temple… delightful.Despite my love for clothing as an expression of art, beauty, color and me, underwear seems more intimidating! But only when I am comparing myself to Victoria Secret models and the like. The show “How to Look Good Naked” has gone a long way to show me that with the right underwear, almost every body shape and size can look good in some beautiful, feminine underwear. Now just send me that personal underwear stylist to help me get started!
    With hearty laughs,

  • Glennis Sutherland

    lol — you’re awesome girlfriend — gonna dig out those “holey” underwear and have a bonfire (after I replace at least half of them :-)) — gotta have at least 14 pairs so I don’t have to do laundry for 2 WHOLE WEEKS

  • R.W.

    Thank you for this, Christine! It’s funny, but my underwear have been an issue for me for a while now, and this wonderful post comes at a perfect time for me.
    Last year I made huge progress in the appearance and condition of my body. I made a commitment that once I had reached that goal, one of the first things I would do was go out and get some killer, sexy, beautiful lingerie. I procrastinated again and again, always rationalizing to myself that it was not “practical” or a “priority”.
    Recently, I’ve once again been feeling very down on my body, and have begun putting weight on. After reading this, I think, “Of course! Why would I disrespect my temple by denying it the adornments I had promised?! Why would I excuse the significance of having beautiful bras and panties just because no one really sees them?!” What a great discovery. It’s not about anyone else, it’s about me loving me and treating me well. Who knew panties were such a powerful communication of self-love and respect?! 🙂 I’m a believer.
    These are inspiring thoughts from a truly beautiful woman. Thank you again for writing this.

  • Shannon

    I love this! I have had a focus on upping the self-love and body temple worship for the past few months and for me too it felt so good to honor myself with nice undies. Makes such a difference. Boring, ratty undies begone — bring on the lacy, fun, frilly, sexy (and comfy!) undies!

  • Nancy

    LOL!!! But what category is the worn out, beat up, just-cannot-let-go-of bras and panties that the body feels REAL comfortable and at ease in, does that mean one does not respect the temple?

  • Susan

    LOL – Christine, thank you so much for a great blog today! I have actually been thinking and doing the exact same thing lately regarding my underwear! Any pair with the tiniest of hole goes immediately in the garbage. I’ve also been looking at my underwear drawer with thoughts of how mundane they all look – is this a reflection on my life I wonder, and the message I’m telling my temple?? So yes, I’ve been contemplating buying more colorful and sexy underwear, and after reading your blog I’m determined to dress my temple up in something more goddess-looking by starting with underwear that is more befitting to how I want my temple to look and feel! Lingerie department here I come this weekend!
    Thanks again, Christine!

  • Jeannel King

    I really appreciate this call for an undie revolution…my recent undie revolution was of the boobielicious kind! : )
    I’m a busty gal…always have been. (We’re talking 36HHH or thereabouts). And my bras have never fit. They’ve always kind-of, well “I can make it work I guess” fit. I had always heard of this mythical bra experience where your underwires would come together at your breastbone and actually meet your chest (instead of hovering in space an inch-plus into my cleavage, like mine always did.) The brastraps always dug into my shoulders while simultaneously falling off, and the bras themselves were not girlie, but matronly. And every bra salesclerk, from JC Penney to Nordstrom, always wanted to put me into a “minimizer” bra. (Screw that! I love my boobies! Why would I want to pretend they weren’t what they are?) So I always settled for whatever seemed to fit where I could find it.
    Well, I had seen the banners around the mall for a new lingerie shop, and they claimed to fit all sizes. (Sure…in my grandmother’s bra again!) But, I was wearing a bra on it’s last straps and I figured I’d give them a shot. And thank goodness I did!!! Walking in to the shop felt like entering a girlie spa. A hostess offered me something to drink, and a specialist asked what size I wore. When I gave her the usual range of sizes people tried to fit me into, she gave me a sympathetic smile and suggested that we do a fitting. O. M. G! All she did was look at how my girls were in my current bra, looked at me without my bra – no measurements -, grabbed these incredibly-beautiful lacygirlie bras, and asked me to try them on. And each one FIT. And I mean FIT!!! Plus, I looked HOT! And the straps stayed where they were supposed to without digging. And the bras met my breastbone! I bought four of them on the spot…because I have never found four bras that fit this well in my life, letalone beautiful ones to boot! A beautiful red lace creation that has amazing support. A nude everyday one with insane lift and cute little embroidery. A nude/black lace balcony jobbie that makes me feel ultra-vixen. And an all-black lace balcony to use as my non-nude staple. I actually cried. These are not my grandma’s bras, and I will NEVER go back!
    I deserve to feel beautiful, dang it, and that includes getting to enjoy my secret surprise of a girlie bra flirting out from behind my shirt! Viva la Revolucion!

  • Leanne

    this is so great! i just this morning made a note “new underwear” on my todo list, since i noticed that i had about 10 pair of underwear in my basket that i really didn’t want to wear. and i have a favorite kind from target (gilligan and o’malley without elastic) so i thought, why don’t i have more of those so i can wear them everyday if i want to?

  • Charity

    Hurray for new underoos to run around in!
    Target (I like the ones from Xhiliration) has some really cute ones that will fulfill you temple’s requests-cotton softness, sassy & sexy, empowering and fabulous! Who knew so much could come from such a small piece of fabric.
    Cover your bum with fun!!

  • Sandy Mills

    Who would have thought underwear would be such a topic of discussion for my temple.
    My temple was over due for some underwear a month ago and I too was over whelmed with all the selections of color, shapes and sizes. I’m not big on shopping so I grabbed three pair of panties. Well they fit great, feel good to wear and stay where they are supposed to which makes my temple very happy. But what is with the panties sticking to everything in the laundry and don’t let you fold them? Makes you kind of wonder what you’re wearing and if it’s a good thing for my temple. I will be more picking next time I go shopping for underwear which now that you mention it I have a few more pair that should be replaced.

  • RosaLinda

    Ye! Thank you! I have this discussion with myself ALL the time, but when I get the the underwear jungle I am overwhelmed and leave defeated or unhappy with my purchase. Love the ‘convo’ and answers about what you want to put on, think I’ll have one of those myself.
    Thanks for sharing!
    p.s. if, you find a store, or brand that fits all your requirements, PLEASE share :). thanks!

  • Adriana

    You inspire me everyday! Please don’t stop speaking your mind. Happy weekend!

  • Tami

    I LOVE THIS!! And so does my Temple. =) Like you, all my pretty things have somehow gotten faded and worn. I just don’t understand that. LOL
    This morning Temple & I had a long talk. She would like a bath every night. And enough sleep. And to not be rushed from thing to thing, but rather have time to breathe and transition between appointments.
    Wow. I didn’t even realize I’d been treating her so badly.

  • Barbarie

    I LOVE THIS … I kind of started to blush as I read about you encounter about the Underwear Revolution Jouney …
    I found myself giggling as you write about and right on Q.
    I have always been embarrassed and ashamed of my Temple in that it has endures so much unwanted attention at the actions of others. So I am slowly healing and slowly become in tune with my temple and the beauty in which was created.
    Thank you for sharing and allowing me to feel ok and a bite of OKNESS about me.
    Be Blessed

  • Elaine

    It is true… really lovely.. and I love your point of, comfortable unders are a delight in life.
    Thank you!

  • Marie-France Robert

    Right on Christine! I loved that blog entry. It’s EXACTLY how I have been feeling about it as well, these last few months.
    It doesn’t sound like much, nor does it appear to be and important issue, but it’s all part of it – an attitude, a gift to myself.

  • Elizabeth

    Darlin—you are a kick! I love what you are doing here and I LOVE the underwear revolution!!! yeah…..

  • Gretchen Casey

    Love, love, love this! You are funny, fun, inspiring…. This falls right in line with my decision to love and honour ME much better! Thanks for sharing! All the best.

  • Cherise

    I LOVE this post! I just had one of these episodes two weeks ago. It has been a little over two years since my husband passed away and I realized that I was buying ‘practical’ underwear because there was no one to show it off to. And, my temple said – WHOA – I’M HERE ya know and I like beautiful underwear. So, off we went and had a blast shopping and picking out six new SETS of underwear. Totally true that what you are wearing under all those outer clothing makes a huge difference on what you project and attract. Each time I wear a new pair, something fun, amazing or synchronistic happens. It’s been a fun experience. And, of course, my temple is just chuckling all the way. Thanks for sharing Christine –

  • Roxy Rox

    Really love what you are doing! I’m thinkin I want some new lingerie too!
    thanks for the ideas and empowerment!

  • Karen

    amen to that! you hit the nail right on the head! I keep having that nagging thought – especially that I should do something about the situation and always put it off – as if I’m not good enough to deserve new underwear. I’m going to ponder that also – as part of my problem has benn another “ditto” – I look in the catalogs and cannot decide and I hate going in stores. I will have to make a plan and stick to it – ’cause I have a whole lot of “not the best” undies and hardly 1 or 2 of my faves left. Thanks for the inspiration. . . it will spill over into other areas – as in the “food we put into our temple” as well. Peace.

  • Diane

    OMG!!! Just had a flash of my shopping experience on Monday at Victoria’s Secret. Too many choices and not enough info. My temple loves soft, comfy, sexy and something that stays put and doesn’t become a wedgie. So the research has begun. I will look at other options from other lingerie lines. There has to be something that fits my temple and my pocketbook! Will let you know how the research progresses.

  • sandra

    I had that same revelation and went out to buy myself all new panties. I happened upon the most gorgeous leopard print panties. I bought a few to test and later purchased a dozen! They are comfortable and cute and are nice underneath my clothes. I feel good when I wear them.
    Nice underwear for the Temple is a must!

  • E

    Great point! I must have been thinking the same as I just bought some new underwear. It’s also important for health to wear good undergarments: for example, I fit bras that fit properly can help me remember to have good posture.

  • Jeannette

    Christine, this is the BEST!! I’ve read it three times in two days already!
    Can I share this piece with members of Good Vibe University?
    I consider this habit of self-love only to be the single most important thing we can do for our manifesting success … and temples and underwear are an irresistable approach to it!! lol
    Well done, Christine. 🙂

  • Ami

    If your temple wants really cool underwear you might want to participate in the “Yo-Yo Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties.” I’m dying underpants in mid-April. It’s my sprint ritual. See

  • Mindy

    Love this post! And what you said is so true! I actually call it “Underwear Confidence.”
    🙂 Mindy

  • Anne Hunt

    Where do you buy your undies? Do you have a place online? I really need an upgrade in this department…I do not really wear undies (Bras/panties) except when I go out with my honey.

  • Donica

    Awesome! I want to go on a revolution! Such an honest post. My favorite part of this is the proclamations. Just days ago I decided I have to stop searching on the internet for an amazing “how to dress your body” post. I know my body, and I know when it looks good and feels good! – I just quickly forget when I see that snazzy dress on a mannequin, but well reminded when I get home and it’s not for me. I’m listing some qualities so I know how to shop for my body…um I mean my temple! 🙂

  • Kamala

    Yeah I love underwear shopping and opening my panty drawer to see plenty of juicy selections for any given day! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Christine Arylo

    Hi Anne,
    Great question – I see a few people have posted some suggestions and we’re gathering some more resources to give you all a great post next week that includes some wonderful self-love temple underwear! has some great home-made attire, so in the meantime see if something jumps out on that.

  • Christine Arylo

    Amy this is great – we’ll add your information on our list for great underwear resources. Keep up the fun and self-love!

  • Christine Arylo

    Yes Jeannette – please share – I would love that!

  • Christine Arylo

    How was the underwear adventure? What did you find?

  • Christine Arylo

    Hi Nancy – well you will have to ask your temple what it wants. I know of the variety of panties and bras of which you speak, and when i asked my temple, she very clearly said NO to anything that had the words ‘worn out, beat up’ in them when it came to her panties and bras…. now, on occassion she will still let me wear my Levis with holes, as comfy as a babies blanket… but she won’t let me leave the house in them. So if your temple will let you run around you home in your cannot let go of underwear, go for it – just don’t leave home with them 🙂 LOL

  • Christine Arylo

    Jeannel – your story made my heart smile. And my smile smile too 🙂

  • Joy Polcaster

    Hi Christine
    I have had black cotton undies (all the same) for YEARS…for convenience and simplifying my life… I liked not having to think about every little thing…but now am in a season of life that makes me want to celebrate making choices even about the simplest things. Thank you for the encouragement to be playful and awake. Joy (Tinley Park IL )

  • Christine Arylo

    Joy -heres to expanding your temples choices! i can’t wait to hear about the colors that you start adorning your temple with! meow!!!

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